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Aug 25, 2008 05:32 PM

Sunday breakfast near B.U.

Looking for suggestions for a good breakfast within 10 minutes or so of B.U. Prefer unique vs. chain. Does not have to be fancy at all. Thanks for the help & suggestions in advance.

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  1. Clear Flour Bread opens at 9 on Sundays. Gets my vote for best boulangerie in town. Tiny, cramped counter service only, so this is the time of year to go...

    1. Where are you on the BU campus and are you 10 minutes away by car or on foot?

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        Staying on commonwealth and will have a car, although short cab ride would be fine or walk.

      2. Eastern Standard or Z Square are good options.

        1. t anthonys makes the best good ole diner slop. go to the counter and order and then go sit and look around at all the bu sports junk (and thats good junk) on the walls. great spot! on comm corner of babcock

          or zaftigs for great jewish deli style breakfast. harvard ave

          1. For downscale breakfast, the Cookin Cafe on Comm. Ave at Packard's Corner (where Comm Ave. curves) is okay, order at the counter and pick up your food when it's done. Further up n Harvard Ave. is Steve's, total college kid/rocker b-fast place. Also the Busy Bee on Beacon St. is a short walk from much of BU, not open on Sun. And Audobon has brunch.