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Breakfast in Beverly Hills

I will be in Beverly Hills this Friday and Saturday, and would love to have a couple of great breakfast options. I am staying at the Beverly Hilton and won't have a car, but can walk or cab.

I'm not really looking for the diner or bakery experience, and I'm not looking for breakfast at the Peninsula either. Where do the locals go?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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    1. Walk to Barney Greengrass, top floor of Barney's dept store, middle of bev hills on south side of wilshire. They are the sturgeon kings and also have the best smoked salmon, eggs, french toast, juice etc...can sit on patio outside and get some sun. maybe see a star, but better, enjoy the lox -- i go for the "appetizer" which is still a big plate and comes with bagel/bialy. if you are an early riser, i would check their opening hours.

      i know you said locals, but this is beverly hills!

      1. How about Larry King's favorite place...Nate & Al
        414 N Beverly Dr
        Beverly Hills, CA 90210
        (310) 274-0101

        1. agree w/ nate 'n' al's for an old deli.

          really like the breakfasts at Porta Via

          a little pricey, but great crepe-like pancakes, french toast and omelettes, kate mantilini on wilshire at doheny.

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            Last time I tried Kate Mantilini for breakfast on a weekday it was closed. Has it reopened for breakfast? They have the best crepe like pancakes!

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              here are the hours:


              looks like 1130 on friday, 11 on saturday and 10 on sunday

          2. I second Barney's Greengrass. They have a great selection and you won't have the greasy aftertaste that is so usual w/ the other deli's.

            1. Strongly second Barney Greengas and Porta Via. Both very different from each other but each is a great experience.

              1. What about the Coffee Shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel, not too pricy, great waffles and a great scene! If you are visiting BH, you have to go to the iconic hotel and coffee shop. Try the Orange Julius!

                1. I would suggest that you avoid walters -- work in the same building as walters and always give it another try here and there, but there is something about that just scares me -- don't trust the quality of the food.

                  For a good traditional breakfest, try Brightons cafe, on the corner of Brighton and Cambden -- if you are into breakfest sandwiches, you can get them to do a mean egg, cheese and meat sandwich on an english muffin, really good breakfest, but not on the menu, you basicallly need to order the fried egg sandwich and have them change stuff around. Also, the farm has a decent breakfest, if you are ok with paying $15 for eggs.

                  1. This local goes to Beverliz Cafe, on So. Beverly near Gregory. Solid, unpretentious sidewalk cafe, open til mid-afternoon. Le Pan Quotidian may work too. It's a chain but does breakfast pretty well.

                    Le Pain Quotidien
                    9630 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

                    Beverliz Cafe
                    308 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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                    1. re: cant talk...eating

                      I agree - Beverliz is great! They serve breakfast all day as well!
                      Great pancakes, omelettes, breakfast burritos..........

                      1. re: shebop

                        Beverliz is terrible, my opinion. Mushy flavorless filler.

                        1. re: jessejames

                          Really? Can't imagine what you ate! I had a mango salad with salmon today that like everything else I've tried, was wonderful!

                          1. re: shebop

                            i work near there; have had all kinds of sandwiches (9 times out of ten they forget or add unwanted ingredients), breakfast foods (mushy potatoes, poorly cooked eggs), black bean intensive "burritos" -- it's like eating out of your fridge at home there, and that's not a compliment. Just think food is terrible...i swore this joint off last year. id rather skip lunch than go there

                            1. re: jessejames

                              I've had the lamb kebab pita a couple times, which comes w/ a side salad and was really great, esp. at the reasonable price (around $7?). I've eaten there several times in the past few months for breakfast and lunch and people have been happy w/ salads and eggs. Service has been pretty decent too considering the annoying neighborhood.

                              I could see if I had to eat there a lot, I'd find lots to hate, of course. Could be we're ordering totally different things. I would not even consider ordering a burrito there, mainly b/c I think they serve them in a "wrap" so clearly they have no clue. Menu seemed to have a sort of Middle Eastern bent so I've just gone w/ that and have been happy enough.

                    2. Jack N Jills on Beverly is kind of pricey but the food is really good. There's Urth Cafe on S. Beverly which is cute. And Il Fornaio off Dayton which is an Italian place with really good bread.

                      1. I concur with Nate-n-Al and Barney Greengrass. Porta Via and Urth are not bad either. Don't much like Jack-N-Jill: I've experienced so-so food and crummy service there. One more suggestion: Coupa Cafe, 419 North Canon, for stylish, slightly pricey breakfast including some interesting Venezuelan items.