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Aug 25, 2008 05:05 PM

Tasty Sunday morning brunches in Baltimore ?

Looking for a wonderful brunch while in Baltimore.

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  1. Miss Shirley's on Coldspring

    1. Although I would not recommend for dinner, Helen's Garden does a really nice job with brunch. Try the fresh squeezed OJ, the mexican eggs, or anything they may have on special. Cute atmosphere also at the bar and upstairs.

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      1. re: kelarry

        Clementine, Rocket to Venus (Sunday brunch blitz), Blue Moon (if you have time to wait in line), Morning Edition (if you have time to wait for food). Really depends on whether you go for lots of mimosas/bloodies or the food. Little Havanas and Mother's (among others) have all you can drink brunch deals.

      2. Forget a restaurant brunch! Do what a lot of the locals do and get yourself over the the farmers mkt under the JFX. There's a wide range of prepared food to choose from including omelets, crepes, donuts, pastries, coffee, etc. Snag a table and people watch. Much more fun than being served mimosas somewhere!

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          Oh Yum! If you like mushrooms, the mushroom fritters from the mushroom lady (across from the omelette stand) are achingly good.

        2. I like going to sunday brunch at Mamas on the Half Shell in Canton, I think they open at 9am on Sundays.

          1. Hull Street Blues has a really good brunch. I also think Mothers serves up a wonderful brunch (federal hill).

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              Hull Street blues is small and personal. They have a buffet that gets frequently replenished, with breakfast foods, smoked fish, lunch entrees and carved sugar glazed ham (cooked in-house). One thing I like is that the pancake. french toast/ waffle special is cooked to order, and will be relenished when you are ready. Bloody Mary's are strong. Either book in advance or get there early on Sunday.