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Aug 25, 2008 05:05 PM

Adult Cocktail Party with a Kid's theme

I've been catering my brother's (and his now wife's) annual party for more than 15 years. We choose a theme, I do the food, my sis-in law does the decor and my bro locates the entertainment, does all the heavy lifting etc. They invite 100 of their firends and hire help for the bar and service.

This year they want to do a 'kids party' for adults - I guess they have been to too many birthday parties this year and just want to rebel. I'm a little iffy on the premise but have created a prelim/idea menu to begin the discussion. We have enough time to alter the theme if necessary.

As a backgound, we've done asian, new orleans, americana, 50's, 60's. steak house, wine tasting, fall harvest, etc over the years. (happy to share menus and 'make' plans)

I would appreicate any ideas, comments suggestions for this early menu. And no copying until the party is over!

PS - People come to EAT and most (not all!) have good to excellent palettes

Popcorn machine in the backyard with someone tossing gourmet popcorn on request (southwest, pesto, parm, garlic, asian, etc seasoning)

"Ice cream and cake" - passed platter of salmon tartare in cornets (ala French Laundry) and crab cakes
"Tomato soup and grilled cheese" - gazpacheo with truffle oil (I have an trying to get rid of my bottle of it) in 2oz glasses with grilled mushroom/cheese on bread triangles (can be passed or on a table)
"Mac and cheese" - in a chafing dish, creamed mac and cheese with lobster and tomatoes
"Nachos" - individual cups of traditional 7 layers or crab/fried grouper with avacado, etc
"Chicken Legs" - clean and wrapped drumettes (pushed up) grilled in some mariande with sauce
"Fish sticks" - tilapia and prochutto warpped around some kind of veggie
"Bacon and Eggs" - dressed bacon (spicy/sweet glaze) , cut french style scambled eggs on toasted bioche with some kind of sauce

Cheese, fruit, crudettes platters with breads, crackers and dips
Shrimp bowl and dips (always the fave)
nuts etc

Lamb popcycles - small chops (may be too expensive) or ground lamb shaped aound popcycle sticks
Meatballs - in chafing dish
Baloney sandwiches - rolled flatbread sandwiches filled with great meats and cheeses - crossed cut
"Pigs in blanket" (sausage in feuilles du brick)

"PB&J" - peanut truffles served with fruit jellies
"Poptarts" - fruit and cheese in filo
"Choco pudding" - chocolate mousse (with brownies) served in spoons

Drinks - choco kaluha milkshake or choco martini

Other food thoughts:

pizzettes made with puff pastry
squash or pear&pecorino ravioli (my fav dish) served in 2" individual dishes
something with a whole beef filet
pork loin/roast beef/turkey breasts and accompaniments for sandwiches
other small tidbits

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  1. I have heard of doing "PBJ"s with foie gras pate, a tart cherry or currant jam, and toasts.

    1. Looking at your fun menu I would say how about TV as a theme, sitcoms, family shows, even tv music themes as a theme. Purchase tv dinner tins to serve the food and your menu would work out really well!

      Have fun!

      1. Wow,this sounds totally amazing. Dredging up the past leads me to many of your suggestions, including mature versions of pizza, French fries, applesauce, juice boxes, French toast and pancakes (preferably cut into the shape of Mickey Mouse), mini cheese burgers, spaghetti-o's, lemonade, Hawaiian punch, hard boiled eggs, meatloaf, baked potatoes and lots of ketchup everywhere. Dessert about some sophisticated versions of whoopie pies, Rice Krispie treats, smores, cup cakes, caramel apples, cotton candy, peanut butter cups, penny candy and some cool looking goodie bags? Great fun...what a good idea.

        1. I think some kind of snow cone with different flavors like sangria or lemoncello or mai tai etc, also some sort of pancakes would be fun, also ( I have a kid) so you have to do some kind of upscale chicken nugget I think maybe like a kobe beef slider with green chile mayo or something along the lines of hambuger /hot dog would be fun. Also maybe like a frozen gazpacho popcycle. Maybe some kind of homemade potato chip with like a maytag bluecheese dip or sweet potato fries with carmel and marshmellow dip, Tater tots would be another thing big in my childs world. What about tater tots with gormet chile and feta. Any way it sounds like a fun party you will have to play pin the tail on something and maybe rent a bounce house. Maybe add some pony rides and get a clown that makes animals out of balloons. Let us know what you decide.

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          1. re: Analisas mom

            I love the snow cone idea and will definately push to include it. My brother is the one doing the entertainment so, for the games, I hope he doesnt go from class to crass too quickly!

          2. Sounds fun. I second the tatertot idea...with maybe a gremolata. Maybe a gourmet corn dog. For your truffle friend made a appetizer with cocktails with popcorn, butter, chives and truffle oil that was really good.