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Aug 25, 2008 05:02 PM

Great Italian Dinners in Baltimore ?

We'll be visiting Baltimore in mid-October and am researching great places for Friday or Saturday night dinners in Baltimore.

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  1. Bocaccio's in Little Italy (traditional Northern Italian)
    Cinghiale in Harbor East (contemporary Northern Italian)

    I'm sure you'll get some other suggestions as well.

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      La Tavola is my favorite in Little Italy. but please allow me to make a plea for Greektown, which is more authentic and avoid the tourist trap that is today's Little Italy.

      1. re: elgringoviejo

        Could you suggest some good restaurants in Greektown? The Greek festivals look like fun, but I won't be there when they take place.

        1. re: TexasBreeze

          You may want to search this board for reviews of Zorba's. Another CH fav is Samos.

          1. re: TexasBreeze

            In addition to Samos and Zorba's, I also recommend Ikaros and Acropolis. All four are excellent, but when I need a baked lamb or fried squid fix, my first choice is Acropolis.

        1. re: kelarry

          I second the Pazza Luna rec, and would even put it ahead of its sister restaurant, Sotto Sopra. But TexasBreeze -- can you elaborate on your definition of "great"? Price range? Type of Italian cuisine? Also what part of town will you be staying in?

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            P.S. The Pazza Luna website is a bit different than usual:


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              My husband's great-grandparents came from Abruzzi, so we're in search of central & Southern Italian dishes (and Sicilian), rather than northern Italian cuisine. Price range would be $35 or less per person. We'll probably be in the Inner Harbor area or around Johns-Hopkins campus.

              1. re: TexasBreeze

                Little Italy restaurants (within walking distance of the Inner Harbor) steer more towards Southern Italian cuisine. There's a LOT of love and "dislike" for these establishments voiced on this board, including Sabatinos, Da Mimmos, Roccos, Veleggia, etc. I would do a search on this board for "Little Italy" and draw your own conclusions. Mangia!

          2. Troia in Towson is wonderful. I don't know where you're staying but if you're north of downtown, I'd go there.