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Aug 25, 2008 04:44 PM

America's Test Kitchen - animated clips

For the most part, I enjoy ATK and have learned quite a bit from them. I was a reader of Cooks Illustrated before watching the show and it was a natural transition. However, the animated shorts they use in some episodes are truly hard to stomach. I just can't imagine who's in the "cutting" room giving these their stamp of approval. It seems they are trying to borrow a page from Alton Brown by trying to be somewhat kooky, but it just isn't working.

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  1. Ha! :-)
    I totally agree... I'm watching, and all of a sudden I'm thinking 'what's this?!'

    I guess it's cutesy on it's own, but it doesn't fit in with the 'appealing clinic' that is ATK...
    There''s just no need...

    All the segments with the 5 of them fill the short time slot nicely enough...

      1. re: cook52

        I haven't seen any of these recently, but they used to be cartoons about various techniques that were made by a wonderful blogger who started his web page about 8 years ago. His drawings are "crude" in a good way and he has a sort of nasally voice. He says "uh" a lot.

        If this is what you're talking about they must have brought him back...or you are watching old reruns. I think he's FABULOUS. I usually can't stand the smug, sterile America's Test Kitchen and these changed my mind a bit about them.

        I looked him up and his name is "Odd Todd". Still don't know if it's the same guy.

        1. re: oakjoan

          I like the odd todd cartoons also. sometimes they are hit or miss but people who get angry about them should cheer up and take things a little less seriously. they're fun and informative and yes, silly.

          1. re: wizardrescue

            i don't think anyone expressed anger, just disinterest.

      2. I can't stand them either. I fast forward through them if I record the show.

        Perhaps their trying to lure in kids. It makes no more sense than that.