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Aug 25, 2008 04:30 PM

Is there good bread in Austin ?

I just moved here from the bay area and I am missing good levian or any type of artisan ,bread does anyone have bakery or bread recommendations. Thanks Binnco

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  1. I have recommendations - the first of which is to rapidly and radically decrease your expectations.

    The second of which is to hit Whole Foods and Central Market, each of which have a decent selection baked on site, and offer samples. Cental Market multi grain loaf and pain de campagne are regulars around my place.

    I have been returning to Mandola's for their epi and semolina sesame rolls - I've had other good items from there as well, including a pretty decent baguette. Can't do CM baguettes, haven't tried WF.

    Although the mileage of others may vary, I have tried repeatedly and finally given up on Upper Crust and Sweetish Hill.

    Hang in there Binnco!

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      Whole Foods bakery for their two stores is actually at Congress just south of Ben White near ...St Elmo(?). They might finish them in the ovens at the stores, but the loaves are made on South Congress (unless they moved in the last year or so).

    2. Central Market and Mandolas both make a decent italian white bread

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        True dat - I forgot. I like Mandola's better. Thanks for the reminder!

      2. My favorite bread in town so far is the semolina loaf at Central Market. Maybe just because it's the only semolina bread I've had, but every other bread seems like a pale (and literally underbaked) imitation of real bread.

        1. I grew up in Oakland eating Acme pain au levain, so I know what you're missing. I like Texas French Bread's white and wheat sourdough and "amber rye" more than anything from Whole Foods, Central Market, or Upper Crust, though the first two aren't bad. I particularly like the amber rye--it's not like dark rye bread, it's a crusty loaf with rye flavor that's more like rye beer than deli rye. Their bread's got a better texture and a MUCH nicer crust. I did like the "rustic" baguette from Whole Foods, though the regular baguette is just okay. When I moved here a year ago, TFB's bread seemed like it didn't have enough salt, but I think they've gotten a lot better.

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          1. re: FishInFight

            when i moved here from boston, i was so sad about the lack of bread options.
            upper crust and sweetish hill have been just blah to me.
            and CM and WH are hit and miss (thank god for samples!).
            my greenling delivery tends to have texas french bread stuff in it, and i have only been disappointed by the small amounts!
            IIRC, i had a cranberry walnut load, some ciabatta, some foccacia and some basic type of loaf, and they all were really flavorful and toothsome.

          2. I am a huge fan of Great Harvest Bread Co. They have two locations - 3201 Bee Cave Rd, and 4815 W Braker Ln. Their asiago sourdough bread is fantastic, but I've been pleased with everything I've bought there.

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              Not a big fan of Great Harvest, all of their bread is "squishy". Bakerman's has a decent loaf (they sell it wholesale but usually have a few loaves left in the back). You have to ask for it specifically to see if they have any left.