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Jul 27, 2003 09:42 PM

Good Eats in Upland?

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My friends and I have been training for Mt. Whitney by hiking Mt. Baldy every weekend. Is there anything good to eat in the Upland area? I can't bear the thought of another lodge burger/sandwich.

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  1. Considering you'll probably be eating freeze dried food(unless the bears get it) on your hike why worry about having a Sandwich or Burger(a gourmet meal on any major hike I've been on). Most CH's probably only hike from their car to the front door of the next restaurant their eating at.

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      During the hike itself, we stick to jerky, rice krispy treats, and dried fruit. However, I'm talking about the post-hike meal, 7-8 brutal hours later, when we want something HOT HOT HOT! Even in this desperate state, I can no longer abide the lodge food. And the stuffed moosehead is highly disturbing. I forgot to mention that--all recommended restaurants must be free of taxidermy.

      1. re: Robert Lu

        Hmmm, no taxidermy on display. Doesn't that let out all Upland and Chino area restaurants right there? (g)

        1. re: WLA

          I resemble that! No taxidermy in Chino, just a lovely, country aroma.

    2. Joey's Barbeque on Foothill just east of Central Ave. San Biagio in the shopping center at 7th and Mountain for New York Italian. dr. bob's on "C" street, I believe, in the old downtown section of Upland for ice cream. Buffalo Inn near Joey's on Foothill for many varieties of beer on tap.

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      1. re: Chino Wayne

        Thanks a lot for the recs. I think we will try San Biagio and Dr. Bob's, because we will need carbs above all else. Are you sure there aren't any stuffed buffalo heads at the Buffalo Inn?

      2. try the top of Euclid Ave. Giovannis...very good...Spaggi's on Foothill also a good pick

        1. Theres a new Japanese/Sushi place that is pretty good- a cut above the average places that seem to be popping up like weeds in this area- Sushi Umi on the northwest corner of Benson and Foothill in Upland- We enjoyed it and the prices and service are good. Sorry to post four years too late for your training for your assault on Whitney

          1. For a truly filling feast one can always count on any one of the several Basque restaurants in our golden state. There is Centro Basco on Central Ave. in Chino
            Great lamb chops, steaks, ox tails plus all you can eat of the following: blue cheese, pickled tounge, soup, salad, spagetti, french fries, not so great canned vegtables,

            Chalet Basque in El Monte
            Benji's or the Wool Growers in Bakersfield
            Several in Fresno ect...