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Aug 25, 2008 04:28 PM

Lunch help in Delaware County


I will be traveling from Cochranville to Norristown/Trooper and need a place to stop for lunch. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Delaware County. The mapquest directions indicate that I will take Route 10 to Route 30 East to Route 202 North to 422 West. So, anywhere in between there would be most helpful. I'm mainly looking for something quick that I could take with me such as a good deli where I could get a sandwich or a place where I could pick up a small meal and take it with me. Outside of a deli, I like most types of food except for Chinese and Indian.

Thanks in advance

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  1. You may want to check a map, this seems like the "scenic" route. It will take you past food, however. Faster would be to avoid 30, which has lots of lights.

    Dakota Pizza on Lancaster (30) 1-2 miles past City Line Ave (Rt 1) makes great cheese steaks. Try the Chicken Italian with sauted broccoli rabe and aged provolone.

    In the same plaza is Sang Kee, very good Chinese.

    1. You shouldn't encounter too many traffic lights on Rt. 30 because the Rt. 30 Bypass starts just east of Rt. 10. And it looks like you'll be passing through Chester County rather than Delco. One suggestion I'd offer is to get off the Rt. 30 bypass at the Business Rt. 30 exit in Downingtown, and stop into Wegman's Cafe, (At the end of the exit ramp, cross Quarry Road at the traffic light and continue straight into the shopping center. Follow the road around until you reach Wegman's.). There you'll find a wonderful selection of sandwiches, salads and excellent prepared foods, to either eat in or get wrapped to go. It's only a short hop off and back on the Rt. 30 Bypass to get to Wegman's.

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        Victory Brewing is also not far from Rt. 30 and is open for lunch. I haven't been there in a while and the food was not exactly spectacular when I was there, but the beer is great.

      2. I just wanted to say thank you for all the suggestions. Unfortunately, I ended up having to take a different driving route. I ended up going to Primo Hoagies. It was pretty good, but I thought it was pretty expensive relative to other sandwich places I am used to.

        Thanks again for the suggestions.