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Aug 25, 2008 04:17 PM

Barefoot Kitchen

Barefoot Kitchen is a new-ish place on Davie Street near English Bay. They do Japanese yoshoku dishes. Their menu includes various types of curry rice, tonkatsu, hamburg steak, tarako pasta, chicken karaage, and some other fried goodies. Prices are very reasonable, with most dishes in the $8 range. I understand that they have a shop in Hokkaido as well.

I believe they opened within the last couple of months. I'd been meaning to try this place for while, and finally got around to it last week. The final nudge came from a Japanese exchange student I had met who recommended it. I had the Demigura Hamburg set meal, which was quite filling. The food was good, straightforward, and comforting -- definitely a good bang for the buck. I plan to go again this week to try something else.

Barefoot Kitchen
1725 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6G, CA

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  1. Interesting that the whole yoshoku style is taking hold more and more in Vancouver, with this Barefoot Kitchen joining the likes of Yoshoku-ya, Ping's Cafe, etc. I will be curious to see if it gains the widespread appeal of the izakaya craze - I have my doubts on this as the base of many of the dishes are more familiar to Canadians so perhaps has less "exotic" appeal.

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      Yoshoku restaurants (yoshoku-ya) tend to attract Japanese ex-pats -- perhaps with the exception of Ping's which seem to be trying to rebrand itself as an izakaya. I see yoshoko-ya in the same kind of light as I see HK Cafes - it appeals more to those who experienced them back at home.

      Thanks for the review aburitoro. A bunch of new Japanese places have opened in the West End recently - a few new izakaya along the Robson strip as well. How many more can this city handle? I'd love to see one of the food courts in the area turned into a depachika.

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        Ya, that's what I was alluding too as well... if you don't know what its all about, its hard to appreciate where it's coming from. Yoshoku has less of the "sexy" factor behind it too, as its more home-style cooking, so another factor it it becoming the boom that izakaya are. But then again, looking back say a decade ago, who would have thought that I could be sitting in a place like Zakkushi and sitting nearby would be a 40-something white couple munching away on nankotsu and tako-wasabi. It could happen to more standard fare like Japanese curry rice and hamburg. :)

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          Hey j_k, I think that might have been me and the SO ;-).

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        I think Barefoot kitchen has potential to do alright. The price is right, and the food was good (based on my one meal there), and I've heard nothing but good things from people who've been there recently. The one thing that might do Barefoot kitchen in imho is the below-street-level location, which makes it a bit unnoticeable.

        By the way, they're open late: 11pm Sun-Thu; midnight Fri-Sat.