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Aug 25, 2008 04:17 PM

Brunch in Providence, RI near the Biltmore Hotel

Large group is seeking a great reasonable American brunch spot within walking distance of the Biltmore Hotel. All suggestions appreciated!

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  1. I'm going to watch this post myself because I just can't think of any really great spots.

    Downcity Diner is within walking. It's a fun place with good atmosphere that could most likely take a group since they have an upstairs too. In my opinion the food is fine-to-good but can be inconsistent.

    We ate at Citron when it first opened and it was "eh"... like a place that really does dinner but happens to be open for brunch, you know? Maybe you can find a recent posting or someone to chime in, perhaps they have improved.

    I really generally despise chains but Joe's at the mall (gasp!) could most definitely take a group and I personally like the atmosphere. The food is very good but it's not "great" as you request.

    1. Bravo does a nice brunch. No where near as good as Nicks or Julians, but it is where I often end up when both of those places are packed.

      Bravo is an easy walk from the Biltmore, at the corner of Empire and Washington.

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        Wasn't there talk on here of Bravo shutting its doors?