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Aug 25, 2008 04:06 PM

Where to buy Pate? Terrine?

Hey, I don't know much about pate and terrine. I was in france recently and found them in every epicerie, and they were delicious. I don't know (and am slightly afraid) to know what's in them... I can't say what varieties they were.... likely some but not all foie gras. Not vegetable for sure - meat.

I've been looking for this stuff in NY, and have drawn blanks. Whole foods has a couple, but they look unlike the ones i had in paris. any ideas on a place that would have a good variety of these?

Extra points if it's near the east village.


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  1. Zabars and Citarella definitely have them. I believe Murray's does as well.

    1. Dean and Deluca in Soho has a very wide selection of pate and terrine, more than Citarella if I recall correctly. They carry a lot more than just the usual foie gras-based mousse or pate, such as wild boar pate, pheasant pate, and country pate, to name a few.

      They will also let you taste it first before buying.

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        Dean & Deluca's are very good -- I love the wild boar pate -- and as you note unusual varieties.

      2. I can't confirm this, but Barnyard over on ave C is likely to have pate's and terrine's. I've been meaning to check it out anyway, so i'll pay it a visit and confirm.

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        1. re: ExFlexitarian

          Barnyard does in fact carry D'Artagnan terrines and pates...and (gulp) foie gras.....

        2. I actually got some good pate at Whole Foods on Bowery. They have Flying Pigs pate which was delicious (i think that is the same servicer David Chang uses for his pork) Either way they have a variety of seafood, vegggie, foie and pork pate and terrines.

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          1. re: banjolinana

            I believe the brand that Whole Foods carries is Les Trois Petits Cochons (3 Little Pigs) and not Flying Pigs. 3 little pigs have a variety of pate and mousse either in prepackaged forms or in big tray for retailers to sell by weigh. The other famous brand in the States for pate is D'Artagnan, also available in mulitple gourmet stores. I found the latter to have slightly better quality.

            If OP is interested in artisan homemade pate, you should really go to Bar Boulud. Theirs are unbelievably good.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              oops. Kobetobiko is right. I fond the 3 Little Pigs to be tasty. Grab one of Whole Foods freshly made baguettes and you are good to go. But yes he is right on the name. sorry about that!

              Also must agree with him...the headcheese, terrines, etc at Bar Boulud are AMAZING

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                Hi banjolinana,

                I am actually a female :D


              2. re: kobetobiko

                Second that Bar Boulud suggestion -- the charcuterie was a revelation to me.

            2. Thanks, everyone! Will try these sources and report back. Word!