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Aug 25, 2008 04:00 PM

State fair food!

So I'm hitting up the state fair this weekend, and I know there's a lot to choose from in the food department. (I'm SO excited!) Are there any must haves at the fair? I've heard something about some really good tacos but other than that I'm on my own...

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  1. Very disappointed in the food selections this year. There is a Merlino's Freeze upper level between the counties building, and the Wine tastings are excellent as usual. The deep fried place is serving fried White Castle sliders this year. The soft taco stand has history at the fair, but there are so many other good options outside the gates. The big BBQ by the livestock exhibits was pitiful and expensive - but takes credit cards.

    There are plenty of basic fair items - corndogs, cotton candy, funnel cakes - and some good places - cinnamon rolls, roasted corn, tri-tip BBQ by main gate - but nothing spectacular. Have lunch/dinner before hand, have some wine and fruit/cheese, walk around with some cotton candy, and finish with a refreshing Merlino's.

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      We had our fill of fair food last weekend. For the second year in a row, I hit the Thai food spot. Not great, but better than most of the greasy options available. The Thai ice tea definitely hits the spot on a hot summer day.

      I don't mind things that are intentionally fried, like Snickers bars (!), but when it's a pastrami sandwich or the like, grease is not good!

      We were a group of 6, all ordering different things, and the winning plate was a great Middle Eastern combo plate (shish kabob, taboulli salad, pita bread, etc.) that was from, of all places, the trailer that was selling most of the fried stuff - including the Snickers bar and the Krispy Kreme donut. I think it was a bright green trailer, but you'd recognize it by all the fried things they were selling. The fried stuff was all out front for all to see, but the Shish Kabobs came from the back.

      Near the petting zoo for the kids, and in one of the exposition buildings, were two small, relatively obscure booths selling healthy snacks. Not surprisingly, we didn't see lines at either one. :-) But I did buy some great flavored almonds, as well as string cheese, and some small bags of carrots. I think they were also selling juices and ice cream. We joked with the lady working there about people not eating healthy treats at the fair, but it was nice to have the option, and the nuts and cheese made a great snack.

      We also finished with a Merlino's orange freeze. It really hit the spot after a long, hot day at the fair.