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HELPNOW Rhode Islanders Last try for picks Blackstone Valley & nearby

leaving this Wed. am and looks like rain so help, where to go and eat at homespun with fresh off the farm ingridents , places to go to watch food being made, any great vineyards, fairs with corn on the cob, festivals, etc. I have tried every online source possible but not much info, I love to hear from my favorite critics you guys. Want one fancier restaurant for 5th anniversary and I know there are a few of you who think I have memory problems but not I like to see if new people with new ideas come out of the closet for a fellow lover of great food.

ALso need any great chocolatiers in this area or in Providence. I thank you in advance for all your advice and your ideas for a trip well needed and want just to have happy food meals cause the love is already a given. Any great food road trips from Chepachet, willing to travel 1 hour or less. Are there any smokehouses that do smoked salmon that I can bring back home with me?

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  1. Why are you so obsessed with food? There's more to life than food. Isn't there something you can do for your anniversary and have fun without food? Seriously, sounds like your whole trip will be wham, bam, bam from one food place to the next. LOL Have fun. Hope you're an active couple at least.

    Anyway - Blackstone Valley...... Simple Google search. Here ya go.

    As for Chocoalte. I stick with Godiva and Lindt...which obviously are chain stores, not speciality to Providence. But they're in Providence Place Mall.

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      Of course active but this is the avenue to be obsessed with food I don't think this this the Carhounds right? We will be kayaking and hiking the entire time but yes want great clean food.

      Thanks for your help

    2. Seriously though, why don't you consider going to more southern RI ? You say you're willing to travel an hour from Chepachet or an hour from Providence and southern RI is about an hour away.

      Aren't you coming from eastern CT? 95 practically goes right to South County which has all sorts of what you want. Chocolatiers, Farms, chowder/clams/sea food...icecream..


      South County is full of history and culture with unique shops nestled in diverse and quaint villages.

      Museums, theatres and lighthouses are scattered throughout, offering year-round discovery and exploration. South County is also noted for its great dining with fresh seafood right off the boat a highlight. (How much more romantic can you get?)

      1. I dont know whats worse, you for continually asking the same questions. Or me for answering them. However I will answer some of the newer questions you have...

        Smokehouses: No. There are no smokehouses in RI that I know of.

        Chocalate: Garrison Confections is a great chocalatier in the Providence area. However, they have closed their retail shop in Providence and are focusing more on their online business, etc. I would go to http://www.garrisonconfections.com and either write /call them as to where their chocalate can be found.

        As for your other questions, you have gotten a ton of info from people that care about food and helping out a visitor to RI. Please take some of the advice. You are staying in an area that is not exactly a bastion of food greatness. If you find some great stuff that we dont know about, I am sure we would all love to hear about it. Have a nice visit.

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          I SO agree w/your first line basachs!!

          But nbermas, despite the fact that your questions have driven me crazy, I'm going to give you two more recs that I recently discovered in northwestern RI.

          Bolie's Chowder Shack on Main St in Pascoag.....excellent chowder and fried seafood.

          Casa Fernandes on Spring Lake Rd in Burrillville....it's like a diner except it's huge, cavernous even. Huge menu, and so inexpensive.....I had eggplant parm w/ziti (EXCELLENT light marinara), I got the small portion (entrees come in 2 sizes) for $4.75 (YES) and even took some pasta home.

        2. And I hope to God you have kept my detailed itinerary for a daytrip to the Putnam area......it included casual dining spots, high end places for a special dinner, wineries, homemade ice cream on dairy farms. If you post after the trip and say you never got to that, I will track you down and force you to eat Wendys.

          1. I already gave you the info on wineries - www.ctwine.com and www.coastalwines.com That second one is probably too far for you....they are concentrated in coastal RI/MA but east of Providence.

            As for farms - for the THIRD time (at least) - www.farmfreshri.org. have you checked this site even once? It gives ALL farms, wineries, farm stands, farmers markets, etc.

            Lastly, the Woodstock Fair takes place over Labor Day wkend.

            why would you think RI would have a smokehouse making smoked salmon? *scratches head* Isn't salmon a pacific northwest fish? Do we have native salmon here?

            Agree w/noOb....relax and enjoy yourselves, rather than a frantic trip that is nothing more than a series of hops from restaurant to ice cream stand to hot dog shop. As for milking a cow....(another post of yours).....CT has more farmland than RI I believe....why the need to come to RI to do that?

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              Well, Atlantic Salmon would be native to this region, but no smokehouses I know of in RI. Maine has about 10 or so..I know of one in Nantucket as well, but as far as RI goes, I dont know of one.

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                Just for the record, the wild Atlantic Salmon is not really fished in any quantity at this point. The populations are far too low due to numerous factors, especially the fact that most of their river spawning grounds have been cut off by dams. At this point, any time you see a reference to "Atlantic Salmon" you can bet it means farm-raised in Maine/New Brunswick/Nova Scotia or Europe.

            2. Sweenor's Chocolate (Garden City Cranston) has great Chocolate.
              Riverview in Woonsocket has great food, excellent bar and outstanding view of the river (hence its name).$$
              Gian Carlo's (Italian) is also an excellent place for dinner.$$$

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                It's River Falls in Woonsocket. I've had some good meals and some iffy-at-best meals. I would never drive all the way from Chepachet for it (and I sure wouldn't drive past d.carlo for it). If you're going to drive that far, you may as well head to providence.

              2. Well, just got back and this area of RI si so pretty, lovely people but food? The best were the farms with the freshly picked veggies, pickled beets and the Gloester Goat farm for excellent goat cheese. Went to one semi fancy restuarant in the area Chesters and it was medicore. The best was a clam shack we found on Route 101 somewhere, sorry was to happy to pay attention. All in all I LOVED RI and am looking forward to going back again, Thank you again for everyones suggestions, I am sure the next vacation you will here from me. All to happy to help anyone with any and all suggestions always!

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                  OK, so of the many recommendations you were given for all of RI and much of nearby CT, you followed through on exactly how many? You went to one fairly nice restaurant (Chesters?) that was mediocre. Was it a recommendation from Chowhound? We haven't heard much about it on this board, so please tell us more about what made it mediocre. Remember, these discussion boards are intended to be places for exchange of information, so whatever you can share with us about specific places would be appreciated.

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                    lolol I knew this was going to happen. All the suggestions and he/she basically chose by what he passed on the road.

                    So was the rt44 drive as boring as I told you it would be? LOL

                    Glad you had a good time after all that anxiety and millions of threads...

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                      I got to our destination and it was on a lake and the heaven of the peace and tranquility didn't make me as hungry as I usually am. Chesters was medicore because it was too much grease for my taste, not clean enough for me as far as ingridients. But they had a special that night 1 bottle of wine, salad or soup and two entress for $25, so it was packed. I had shrimp and chicken over risotto but too much grease that I felt it for days and my husband had fish and chips, very good. We sat in the back room, much cleaner and didn't smell like a bar. All and all the small home farm stands were excellent and I got peppers in every color possible and thye are great. Tomatoes were $2 per pound and here at the farmers markets in Darien it is $7 so that made me very happy.

                      Thanks again

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                    I can't imagine Ocean State Chowhounds steering anyone to Chester's.

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                      I don't think anyone here suggested Chesters. Semi-fancy? Good gravy.