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Aug 25, 2008 02:50 PM

Carolina/Kure Beach

We're headed to Kure Beach in a few weeks...any suggestions for dining that shouldn't be missed? Especially any great "dives" serving seafood!

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  1. My experience in that area is that it's just not good, sorry. Not many choices, quality pretty poor. Sorry. My family has a beach cottage there, and we usually go to Wilmington if we are eating out.

    1. There are good meals to be found at the beach.....and also a lot of bad ones. The food is not of the same quality as Wilmington but you won't starve either. I did a very long trip report on the Carolina/Kure Beach area about 4 weeks ago. It should be very easy to search out. Some fun places to drink as well.

      1. We have always loved going to Freddie's. Food is pretty good, and a little nostalgic if you've ever spent time in the Northeast and miss some of that homestyle Italian cooking. Service is usually good, owner/s on site and attentive, and you can walk it off at the fishing pier right there! My favorite: eggplant parm!

        Freddie's Restaurant
        111 K Ave, Kure Beach, NC 28449