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Aug 25, 2008 02:40 PM

Purple Orchid-Disappeared

Whatever happened to the Purple Orchid (later "Orchid") in Scarlett Place, downtown Baltimore? I enjoyed many delicious meals there about 5-6 years ago (before moving away from the area).

The restaurant was situated in a lovely location (nicer then their previous location on North Charles Street). The service was professional and the fusion entrees were very innovative and reasonably priced.

Friends who dined on the sushi and sashimi were quite impressed.

Anyone know the scoop? FoiGras

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  1. That place has been closed for a long time now. Food was good, but location was terrible for business. Awkward to get to and on the wrong side of Pratt St. Limited pedestrian traffic, although that has improved with the Pier V garage and Harbor East. They spot has been vacant for over a year now, but I just drove by today and it looks like something may be going in there.

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      I believe it is going to be another location of Miss Shirleys

      1. re: Tugboat

        Actually MIss Shirleys is opening across the street at 750 E Pratt. They are now hiring and are opening "This Fall"...sign is clever -- "Uptown Girl Moving Downtown"