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Aug 25, 2008 02:36 PM

Looking for bushel of crabs

I am looking to purchase a bushel of crabs for the week after Labor Day. My sister and her husband will be in town from Sacramento and they are craving my Mom's beer and garlic steamed crabs. I am in Berwyn and my Mom is in Quakertown and is willing to take a road trip to pick them up, although I'm not sure they are up to a drive down to Maryland. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There are several vendors in the Italian Market who will sell you a bushel of crabs (Anastasi Seafood) as well as Ippolito's, a few blocks away. I go to Jay's Crabs in Lansdowne because it's convenient to West Philly.

    Personally, I'd give some of those guys a call first. You might want to reserve them in advance.

    1. Go to Ippolito's on 13th and Dickinson Sts. They always have them, but they are advertising a special on a bushel of #2 males for $39 this week. We bought one on Saturday, steamed them up, and they were great!

      No reserving necessary. I just went there on Saturday morning and walked out with it.

      It's a shame you don't need them this week because I called last week and they quoted me $65 for the same bushel of #2s (and $110 for the #1s!). I also predict that the price will go back to at least that for the Labor Day weekend. But maybe after the holiday, you can find a "sale".

      Good Luck.

      1. I would try HIll's Seafood. The have a location in Newtown Square and one in Exton. I think you have to call and order 24 hours in advance. Hill's has a website.

        I've also heard good things about MIle Hill Seafood in Collegeville, same thing, I think you have to order ahead.

        My personal favorite is Hadfields in Wilmington. They are consistently fresh and generous with their bushels. Hadfields has a website too.

        Care to share the recipe for the beer and garlic crabs? My husband and I cooked crabs ourselves for the first time last weekend (we usually get them steamed at Hadfields with their WONDERFUL seasoning) and we're hooked!