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Aug 25, 2008 01:54 PM

Where to get the Best Cheese in Rhode Island

what kind, where and why? Near Providence would be fantastic, thanks

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  1. Farmstead for great domestic cheese and imports. Located in Wayland Sq., Prov.

    1. Farmstead in Providence is where I'd start. I haven't been there yet myself, but I know they are very passionate about what they do and have some serious cheese talent (including the former g.m./cheese buyer at Formaggio Kitchen). I think the focus is on American cheese.

      1. A third vote for Farmstead. No one else comes close to their selection or customer service. As you'll see on their website, the east side location (Wayland Square) has local, domestic and imports while the downtown location has a focus on American cheese makers, not "American Cheese" :=)

        1. the cheese plate in warren is a pretty close second to farmstead.they have great daily specials ,awesome wines by the glass,and just really friendly people.take the trip on down to the east bay,not really a trip though.its only like 15 minutes away.

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            her starting point is Chepachet (from prior posts) not PVD. She's willing to go as far as PVD.