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Aug 25, 2008 01:37 PM

Capone's: Best Prepared Entrees? 8/08

Since I'm going to be checking out the Capone's empanadas soon, I pulled up their web site and saw a lot of prepared foods. Anyone have any "Yes" and "no" experiences to share about those entrees?
thanks much.

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  1. I am not a huge prepared food person, so I haven't sampled everything at Capone's. Of the things I have purchased I really like the following:

    vegetable lasagna
    duck sausage
    cannoli kits
    pizza dough

    My dad is a big fan of the flat meatballs, but I haven't had them.

    If you are thinking about sauces, I find the red sauce too sweet and bland, but the pesto is excellent. The rest of the sauces are too easy to make at home, so I haven't bought these either.

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      The duck sausage dish is amazing, with butternut squash and sage butter. I always have at least one package on hand throughout the winter. Tip 'o' the hat to chowhound Bella_Sarda for putting it on my radar.

    2. Agree with smtucker about some of the sauces (marinara, plum tomato), but the putanesca sauce has a nice bite.

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        Oh, I will try it. My primary eating partner doesn't like it, but leaves one night per week. Perfect opportunity for me!

      2. I've had their flat meatballs which are very good (and that is saying something since my grandmother's meatballs are the standard I compare to :-) ).
        Their lasagna was ok, but I was not crazy about the sauce which seemed to have a green pepper flavor in it which I am not fond of.

        Not a prepared food, but I have to mention that their Italian sausage is fantastic, highly recommended!

        1. Second the following:
          - pesto (though we tend to make our own)
          - Amatriciana sauce (though we tend to make our own)
          - cannolis (or kits)
          - pizza dough
          - their raviolis and gnocchi are very good

          Disagree somewhat on the duck sausage/b-nut squash, but I chalk it up to personal preference, not faulty execution. It's just not a dish that's for everyone.

          And as long as we're here, I'll also put in a plug for their meats and cheeses. Very nice selection of each. They have a roast pork in the deli case that they slice and which is great for sandwiches.

          1. thanks everyone for your help. i went today and got lots to try . will report later.