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Aug 25, 2008 01:34 PM

Chef's Tables/Kitchen Tables in Vegas?

Looking for advice on Chef's Tables/Kitchen Tables in Las Vegas. Have an annual guys trip coming up in October - one of whom is a restuarant owner (upscale seafood). Looking for a table with room for 8 with some actual interaction with chef(s). Not so much that we're a bother, but enough that we feel that they're happy to have us. Had great experiences in past years at Emeril's New Orleans Fish House and Delmonicos (some time ago in both cases). Not so good at Aquaknox.

Haven't done chef's table every year but want to see what we might not be thinking or know about. Currently holding reservations at David Burke and Table 10 but some reviews here give me pause. I think Chef's Table at Charlie would be too pricey for my group. Alex is a maybe. Would have liked something at Michael Mina or his other places but none of them have a chef's table (Nob Hill has something they call a chef's table becuase it's near the kitchen but no interaction).

Bottom line, looking for a combination of very good food with a little bit of fun for a worthwhile price. Willing to spend but want to feel we got our money's worth (e.g. Bartolotta did not meet that requirement - Michael Mina did).

Many thanks for any advice.

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  1. L'Atelier and Bar Charlie both have food counters, which, if you ask me, is actually better than a kitchen table.

    1. What place did you end up going to in october? I am planning a bachelor party trip to vegas and would like to do a chef's table on a friday night. Could you give me some insight, experience, and approx cost that you encountered. thanks

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        I wrote reviews of 3 out of 4 of the restaurants that we visited. The only one I did not write about was Lotus of Siam. And unless you guys are all serious food fanatics, my opinion would be to choose another location than Lotus of Siam. That is not saying that Lotus isn't a great restaurant (after going to Vegas for the last 20+ years, my opinion is that $ for $, there are no better restaurants than LOS...PERIOD!), it unquestionably is. But you are going to be with a group of guys (what's the avg. age of everyone?) and there are places much better suited for bachelors.

        The first way I rate a restaurant is to ask if I would go there again. There are few places in Las Vegas that I truly would go again. L'Atelier is not one of those places. I am a big fan of counter dining but I found a lot of the dishes to be disjointed. Not bad, just never really hitting a synchronized stride. And when you are paying that much money, everything should wow you, IMO. (I would consider walking in just for one dish and then leaving...the pork belly. Heavens, that was good!)

        My question for you is where are you staying, how much do you want to spend, are you planning on going out after and how important is the food in your decision? Food is the utmost for me but in my group less that 1/2 put much importance in the food. For example, Bar Charlie in the Palazzo is, IMHO, THE BEST restaurant in Las Vegas IF...and that is a huge and time are of no concern. The preparation, quality, and service are all top notch but as I mentioned above, it all comes at a cost. But in our group, not too many people had the ability or desire to sit there for 4 hours and spend $400pp, which is what it will average, with wine/beer/sake parings. If you let me know what is important for your group I would be more than happy to respond with my suggestions as I am sure others will also.