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Aug 25, 2008 01:27 PM

chow in NH/VT between Boston and Burlington

This weekend I am heading up to the Burlington area and will be traveling 93 to 89. I may end up ahead of the rest of my party and thought I would see if there is a place worth stopping for some food along the way. If anyone has made this similar trek and knows of any good spots not too far off of the highway I would love to hear them. Preferably the place would be not too expensive and have a bar I could sit at to grab a bite and a beer. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. How about Peter Christian's in New London, NH? It's about 1/2 way betw BOS & Burlington. It has a cozy pub scene w/ bar and good fare. The New London Inn also has a good pub menu. Take exit 12 off of Rte 89 bear right for about a mile to the blinking yellow and turn left onto Main St. It's a darling college town.

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      In Concord NH I was thinking of the Barley House on North Main St. Take exit 14 off Rt 93, turn left under the hwy and then turn left at the lights on Main St. The Barley House will be on your left but parking is at a premium so get in right hand lane and make your first right onto the side street next to the state house. We can usually find a spot there although we are usually eating at Siam Orchid. I love the hummus at the Barley House which is served instead of bread and butter. To get back to Rt 89 you can keep going south on Main Street, bearing right at the MacDonalds. It is still South Main St and becomes Rt 3A. Keep going and you will intersect with the end of Rt 89 in Bow.

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        oops.. it's exit 11 off of rte 89. if you go to PC's you can continue meandering thru main st. of New London (heading north and west) and end up getting back on rte 89 north @ exit 12

      2. Recs from Montpelier to Burlington:
        Restaurant Phoebe, Mplr (from 89 take exit 8 through 3 lights, then turn left at the fourth light, that's Main Street. Go to the next light (not the flasher by the fire station) and turn left onto State Street, Restaurant Phoebe is near the information booth at the end of that first block, there's a parking lot on the left near the booth)
        Sarducci's, Mplr (from 89 take exit 8 through 3 lights, then turn left at the fourth light, then an immediate right into the Sarducci's parking lot)
        Hen of the Woods, Waterbury (if you're heading north on 89, get off exit 10, go right, then right at the light, then it's about a block down on the right, turn left off the exit if you're heading south on 89)
        The Cider House, Waterbury (this isn't a "must eat" but it's a decent place, and they serve lunch on Fri and Sat, but not during the week, last I checked)
        L'Amante, Burlington
        Trattoria Delia, Burlington
        Single Pebble, Burlington (all three are in Downtown Burlington)

        I highly recommend heading further up, past Burlington to South Hero and Allenhome Farm. They have pick your own apples from very old, very good trees, their apple pie can't be beat, and it's just a really sweet Vermont destination.

        1. sorry, I gave you the wrong exit for New London, NH. It's exit 11 off of rte 89 if you're stopping at Peter Christian's or the New London Inn, which is owned and recently renovated by a relative of the owner of Tavern on the Green in NYC

          1. a nice town to stop and relax in is hanover nh. exit 18 on 89 . only 11/2 hours from burlington on 89. i would recommend the canoe club on main street. very pleasant atmosphere with a nice bar and good food. also has dartmouth college with a lovely center green, art museum and interesting shops. have fun