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Aug 25, 2008 01:13 PM

Non-Italian Food Options in Rome-Via Veneto area

Ohh-please don't flame me guys. My husband is taking me and my 2 daughters to Rome this October for 2 weeks. We are staying at the Rose Garden Palace at Via BuonCampagni and Via Veneto. He has thoroughly researched all our Italian dining options-trattorias, pizzerias and gelaterias he wants to visit. I do know after a few days we will want to take a break from all that magnificent Italian food just for variety however and hope the folks on this board can recommend good, reasonable asian or american restaurants located near where we are staying. I have noticed there is a Hard Rock cafe near our hotel so that is one option but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Grazie!

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  1. what do you mean by "American"? There are plenty of plain meat, poultry and fish dishes available in italian restaurants in Rome - I dont think you will feel that it is foreign cooking nor is it all red sauce, pasta, etc it is neither particularly spicy or monotonous. There are McDs but really you shouldnt need it.

    Here is a link to some posts last year about Chinese food in rome. Just be aware that Chinese food in other countries is geared to the taste of that country, just like its geared to US taste in the US.

    dont worry, enjoy.

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      By American, I mean a sit down restaurant to get a nice burger or chicken sandwich with fries. We may need this option for our teenage girls Thanks for the link on Chinese food.

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        I cant help with this specific search - our kids have greatly enjoyed their trips to italy and the food -the only barrier was seafood, in venice,. On christmas day a number of years ago, we got bored with our teenage daughters sulky attitude and left them in our Venice apt while we went out and had a wonderful no-guilt relaxing seafood lunch at Corte Sconta. Id say give your kids a chance to enjoy and set a good example by enjoying things yourselves - there are great pizzerias, panini-makers (sandwich shops), maybe they even sell chicken panini . I dont know what is available on the via Veneto, which strikes me as a pretty quiet area (hopefully you will get some suggestions) - hotel restaurants might offer what you are looking for - but when you get down the hill into old rome, there is a lot of bustling street life and you wont lack for choices. I think you should be able to get fries - and things like steaks - in many restaurants for a homey feeling.

        ps - you might actually have better luck with this request on a travel board like Fodors which gets more traffic and has a less food-centric crowd

        have a good trip and do report back

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          Great story Jen-as they are a bit older we do plan on having them stay in at the hotel with their cousins who are about their age so we can go out a couple of times for a romantic dinner. My husband posted on a travel board and got many suggestions. I'll be sure to report back!

    2. The Shinto, in via Ludovisi, very near you, is a large, casual Japanese with a large varied menu and not half bad.

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        Thanks MBFabt I have located this place on google just down the block from my hotel.

      2. Totally understand - we moved to the area a few weeks ago and sometimes you just need something different. The Rose Garden's restaurant (Il Roseto) has some upscale non-Italian menu items (amazing gazpacho, tasty beef carpaccio with guacamole) in addition to more classic Italian dishes and it's not ridiculously expensive, especially for a hotel restaurant in Rome, plus they're very pleasant.

        Realize you mentioned Asian or American, but if you like Middle Eastern, we recently had a wonderful (and HUGE) meal at the Palmyra (not 100% sure about spelling and exact address, but there are signs for it all along Via Veneto and it'll be 2-3 blocks at the most from you on Lombardia or Lazio). For 50 Euros a person (again, not too bad for Rome, especially given the quantity and quality), the appetizers kept coming (salads, falafel, hummos, baba ganoug, etc.), then there were mixed kebabs and a stew for a main course, topped off with a collossal fresh fruit plate. We'll probably just do the mixed appetizers next time. Very friendly and helpful staff.

        In addition to Shinto, another good nearby Japanese place is Ginza Gold about 6 blocks away at Via Barberini 53-57. It's fairly expensive by U.S. standards and the service is "different" (dishes are brought out as prepared, rather than serving everyone at the table at once), but it's fine.

        There's a Greek place (very casual) someone took us to a year ago about 6-7 blocks away, but we can't remember the name or find it online. If it's still in operation and still good, we'll track it down and post again. Oh, apparently there's a French place called Bistro D'Hubert (via Sardegna 135/1) but we haven't tried it.

        Avoid Cafe de Paris - it's disgustingly expensive and really not all that good. The nearby Westin's Cafe Doney is more reasonable, better quality, and I think it has a few non-Italian items - someone told me they got a good steak sandwich there but I didn't find it on the menu.

        Realize you've done your Italian research, but if something falls through and you need an Italian place some night, our absolute favorite in the neighborhood is Piccolo Abruzzo.


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          BahamaViking-what a cool name! Thanks we love Middle Eastern and Greek food, those are great tips. We plan to spend the first day or so after arriving hoofing it around the neighborhood familiarizing ourselves before venturing out into the other parts of the city-it appears that the Santa Maria DellaVittoria is probably close enough to walk. Are there any good gelaterias nearby?

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            Yup Santa Maria della Vittoria is really close, and a few of the branches of the National Museum are only a block or so further away at Piazza della Republica (they're a nice option on a crummy day and often get passed over for the better known outdoor sights - a ticket is good for 3 days and works down at their branches near Piazza Navona - just don't buy it on Sunday like we did because they're all closed Mondays). You're going to be amazed at how small a town it is and how easy it is to walk everywhere.

            I confess we've only been here for August so far and much is closed so I can't recommend a gelato place near Santa Maria. There's an OK enough one on Via Veneto (face Cafe de Paris, it's on the left) but it's not up there with the world-famous San Crispino down by Trevi or Giolitti by Pantheon.

            We'll keep checking things out and will keep you posted! - The Bahamian and the Viking

        2. The Osteria dell'Ingegno (Piazza di Pietra 45 -- located mid-way between
          the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon) might be another place to try if you want the
          Italian version an entree salad for lunch. I haven't been there in a number of years, but when my husband and I had lunch there, we considered it a success. I had the Italian
          equivalent of a Nicoise salad; my husband had the Italian equivalent of
          a chef's salad. We also shared an order of the chilled tomato and red
          pepper soup. The sleek contemporary decor might offer a respite from the traditional trattoria look and make the food taste more familiar than it is in reality. For Mom and Dad, the restaurant contains a wine bar with a large selection of wines available by the glass.

          FWIW, I didn't hear English being spoken at any other table. Most
          of the Italians were eating a lighter American-style lunch: a salad and a plate of fresh fruit. On the strength of the lunch, I'd recommend this as a potential, moderately-priced restaurant for dinner.

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            Thanks Indy, my mouth is watering already.

          2. not to worry. lots and lots of irish bars, complete with hamburgers, fries, fish and chips, etc. in rome. spend a moment with brother google and you should get a few dozen hits within walking distance of your hotel.

            let the record show that deb and i spend most of march in rome. we spend st. patrick's day at a little pub off the piazza navona.

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              Irish Pubs in Rome! Whoulda thunk it? Forget the hard Rock Cafe then. Thanks!