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Aug 25, 2008 12:43 PM

Waltham recommendation

Throwing together a last minute dinner gathering for around 8 people tomorrow, with attendees coming from Southern NH, downtown, JP and Walpole. Looking for something reasonably fair to all travel-wise, and thought Waltham might work. I know there are a lot of restaurants in that town, but haven't been in a while -- I wondered if anyone had any fun mid-range recommendations in or around Waltham.

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  1. Soleo for Tapas on Moody Street
    Elephant Walk for French Cambodian
    Campania for Italian on Main

      1. re: Luther

        Thanks, Luther, but one guy's just back from the Olympics and says he won't go if it's Chinese! Hard to blame him.

      2. Ditto Soleo. Also consider Ponzu (pan-Asian), Baan Thai (next door to Elephant Walk), and New Mother India.

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          1. re: lizziee

            What's happened to the Tuscan Grill? Jump the shark?

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              Yes but in their case it's more like the more appropriate media phenomena called "nuking the fridge"

        1. Ditto Solea or Elephant Walk. I'd probably go for Solea between those two--it's fun and I enjoy the Sangria.

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          1. re: okello

            Don't go to the Elephant's yucky now.

              1. re: pondrat

                Went in November 07. Yucky. I'm comparing it to when I was there years ago when it was in Union Sq. Back then I was AMAZED. Now I'm skeeved. I'll never go back.

                1. re: Mayflour

                  While the Waltham branch doesn't have the most appealing decor, the food still seemed to be good. I will agree that the "amazing" bloom is surely off the rose. Now it's just your standard French Cambodian restaurant in the suburbs.

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    Ahhh there was a memorable little place in Oddar Meancheay Province back in '68...a somlar kor ko to die for...(so to speak) ...:)))

                    1. re: pondrat

                      Would that be the little place at the end of the cart track in Kampong Reab?

                    2. re: pondrat

                      The last 2 times we ate at the Elephant Walk Waltham for dinner (within last 6 months), we found the waitstaff unpleasant, the maƮtre d' wearing track suit with her midriff showing, and worse still, fruit flies buzzing around.

            1. Thanks for all the input. Made a reservation at Solea. Will report back as to how it goes.