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Aug 25, 2008 12:30 PM

Asian seafood and toddler friendly Seattle?

so we'll be in Seattle for about 10 days (starting this thursday) and will be staying in a condo at Bell and 1st (is that Belltown?), but will have a car if needed. we're traveling with our parents and another couple of chowhounds, and our daughter who has just turned 1. we'd love some recs for some really tasty food. Baby is fairly good at restaurants, especially bustling ones, as long as the meal doesn't last too long, and we eat relatively early... we'd love general seafood recs, and i'm a particular fan of breakfast and brunch.

i've seen the polls of best restaurants and was wondering whether any of these would be okay with a kid? otherwise, we could possibly try to get the grandparents to babysit for a night... the ones that have caught my eye so far are Union, Matt's on the Market and Salumi. it sounds like Salumi would be idea to pick up sandwiches or whatever for a picnic.

another wrinkle is that it will be my dad's birthday during this trip, so he has requested an Asian seafood restaurant for his birthday dinner. i think his ideal would be Chinese, but others would work. the freshness of the seafood is most important. is there something that would fit the bill? also, it would be a friday or saturday night in a week and a half, for about 10 people, so nowhere too crowded....

thanks in advance for all of your help.

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  1. Sea Garden in the ID, a Chinese seafood restaurant, could accommodate 10 people and, as with most Chinese restaurants, handles children well. Call and make a reservation so that you can be assured of getting one of the large round tables.

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      thanks for the reply. i see from other posts that the black bean crab is recommended... anything else that is essential for the Sea Garden meal?

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        It's not seafood, but I like their roast chicken. The clams in black bean sauce are also very good, but that may be too much black bean if you're having the crab. We've had honey walnut prawns there, I think, that were pretty good. Also oysters with green onion. I haven't had their deepfried oysters, but find that's a pretty reliable dish in most Chinese restaurants that have a clue what they're doing.

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          Most places in seattle are family friendly, but some of the "hot spots" may attract looks (from patrons, not staff) if they are on the upscale side. that is a separate topic for debate, but i guess my point is that you can try anywhere, and usually the staff will accomodate you.

          Flying Fish is a great seafood place. It is not a usual family joint, but because it has been around for ~ 10 years, it isn't swarming the was some of the newer places can be. Thus bringing an infant won't draw the evil eye from people having a night on the town.

          Sea Garden is great with kids, mine do really well there.

          For more moderate meals, there is a group of diner-style places but with more creative food that are great family spots. Multiple locaitons, so depending on where you end up each day, may come in handy.

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            thanks PAO & bluedog for your suggestions... our birthday dinner got pushed to tuesday, but we'll be making reservations for sea garden. thanks everyone for suggestions on dishes... we arrived in Seattle last night and found that our condo is only 2 blocks from Flying Fish, where we ended up for an excellent and interesting dinner!

            any other can't misses in the general area?

        2. re: akki_dog

          We like the steamed tofu w/ minced prawns; also the minced prawns wrapped in chicken skin & fried; salt & pepper spot prawns if available; longetivity noodles w/ pork. You could also do the crab w/ ginger & scallions so you could do the black bean thing with clams. I'm a fan of their salt & pepper pork chops and Peking duck, too. I've taken my kids to SG a lot.

      2. One of my favorite places to take our 20month old is Boom Noodle, up on Capital Hill. The place just loves kids, but also has the feel of a more adult restaurant. I have eaten there at least a dozen times with my son, and each time it has been great. The plus side is that it is a large space, that can get loud, so if the baby starts yelling, it isn't such a bad deal. The last time we were there the waitress even bought our son a dessert because she thought he was cute.

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          Boom would not be a place i would take my dad for a special occasion/ birthday dinner, if he is interested in tasty and fresh food or Asian seafood (Boom is more like poor imitation of Japanese fast food)...if he wants to go Japanese, try Nishino (but reserve now)