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Aug 25, 2008 12:19 PM

Banana Chips

Plantains. Anyway my parents are from India (Kerala to be exact). My mother used to make Banana chips growing up. Are there there any restaurants in socal that make these? What are the good places for vegetarian plantain dishes ? I'm in OC.

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  1. Check some Thai restaurants. I know of two Thai restaurants in LA where I've gotten fried plaintains and I'm sure others have them too.

    1. if you are looking for thinly sliced, crispy style chips, the silom market on hollywood blvd. near western has them. they also have taro ships which are delicious.

      1. if i'm not mistaken, i believe babalu in santa monica makes em, though i doubt you'll travel that far, but in case you're up here...

        trader joe's definitely sells bags of them.

        1. I've bought banana chips at the Indian store. I'd rather have them made. i do go up to LA now and then. i won't just for this, though, at least not now. hmm I wish I could find a thai place in OC which makes banana chips. any other ethnic restaurants with banana chips? Filipino, Caribbean etc?

          1. Not really the same, but Habana, in Costa Mesa, which is Cuban, has fried plantains on the menu, although they're the sweet fried kind. I don't think they have the more savory ones.