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Aug 25, 2008 12:16 PM

Lunch in South Beach

Will be traveling through Miami in the next couple months and am looking for a good recommendation on where to have lunch along South Beach that has a good view of the beach/street life and great food. Can't decide on whether to focus on seafood, cuban or what, so open to any suggestion.


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  1. Best view of people/street life is on Ocean Drive, though the food generally is overpriced/average.

    Big Pink for lunch is not bad; no beach view though. The only true "oceanfront" restaurant on South Beach is Dilido at the Ritz-Carlton.

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      I guess you could define street life as lincoln rd. In which case you might want to do le bon/terimisu/spris where you can get the menuf from any of these restaurants (adjacent to each other and same owners and may share the same kitchen) at any one of these restaurants and is great people watching. Not the beach though...

      If you must do the beach, I would do a late breakfast and I emphasize breakfast at front porch. Their lunch options are not nearly as good. I believe they serve breakfast until 6 pm but I could be wrong...

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        If you had to be on Ocean Drive, Table 8 has patio seating. No beach view and on the "quiet" end of Ocean, but good food. I'd skip Spice lunch menu and order BLT or Sloppy Jay, a Sloppy Joe with black eyed peas.

      2. Your best bet on Ocean Drive for Cuban food (probably the only one) is Lario's which is owned by Gloria Estefan. It is next to The News Cafe at 8th and Ocean.
        Oriente at The Cardozo which I believe is also owned by Gloria is also a very lovely place to have lunch or dinner on Ocean Drive. The food is Cuban/Asian fusion.
        Another good place and a favorite with locals and visitors is The Front Porch Cafe on Ocean north of 14th Street. Excellent for breakfast and lunch.
        These are all across from Lummus Park and the beach.y

        Many of the other places along Ocean Drive a re tourist traps so be careful.

        1. Pelican Hotel, right on the beach around 8th street. just great last May when last visit.