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Aug 25, 2008 11:25 AM

Most authentic Cleveland Mexican?

Although a little "mod" with your mex can be fun, what is the best place for the true regional specialities of Mexico? Where do you recommend for good examples of Oaxacan or Puebla cuisine?

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  1. Unfortunately, Cleveland is quite distant from Oaxaca and Puebla. Momocho is the only restaurant with interior of Mexico menu. It's pretty good but nothing like the real thing they serve in those Mexican towns. Your best bet in the midwest is Frontera Grill/Topolobambo in Chicago .

    1. I agree, it's Momocho when you're in the mood for Mexican but can't make it to the border. Their margaritas are more than a little creative. Posters on Restaurantica say the blood orange margarita is the one to try:

      1. Momomcho Report: Went to Momocho this past Saturday night and the food was quite good. There is one mole offering: pork chop al carbon / mole coloradito / huitlecoche "tamale dumplings". The chop was outstanding, mole was passable but nowhere as good as what you can buy on the street in Oaxaca, and the dumplings were to die for. Others at my table enjoyed the adobo lamb chops, grilled flat iron steak taquitos and the seared tuna taquitos. The sauces accompanying the taquitos were very good. Our mistake was order ing 2 guacamole orders, which was too much for a group of 4. the pineapple / jicama / chile habanero / mint guacamole was the table fav. We weren't thrilled with the smoked trout guacamole recipe, but it did contain large chunks of fish and was well prepared. (We've had their traditional guacamole on a previous visit and found it to be quite good.) Unfortunately the chips were quite ordinary supermarket style. We also had a side dish that was quite good - roasted corn on the cob (highly recommmended as well as black beans (a buck and a half!). That all turned out to be quite a bit of food. I should also state that it appeared that they were using authentic ingredients, including avocado leaves, not generally seen in Mexican restaurants in this country.

        We ordered a standard margarita pitcher,which is a deal for 30 bucks, and was as good a regular margarita as I can recall having anywhere. After one glass, you can't tell the difference in any case. Excellent selection of tequilas for drinking neat if that is your preference. The flavored mixed drink menu is also pretty extensive and there is a decent wine list as well. Bill for four with large margarita pitcher and two additional expensive drinks was $150.

        Restaurant is very casual with bar like atmosphere. Authentically decorated with Mexican paintings and newspaper clippings of masked Mexican wrestlers.

        While it doesn't approach the food we had in Mexico City and Oaxaca, I can highly recommend Momocho for interior Mexican food in this part of the world.