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Aug 25, 2008 11:18 AM

Melrose/Wakefield...recs for prepared/takeout food for tired parents

We would like to give the gift of prepared/takeout food to some friends who are due with baby #4 any day now. They live in Melrose. We heard of Dinner Concepts in Wakefield, which sounded perfect until we discovered they went out of business. Ideally we'd like to purchase a gift certificate over the phone (we live nowhere near MW) and have it sent to the family, so all they have to do is call/show up, point, grunt, and carry away. TIA for any ideas, Hounds.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. enter fuloon and Fu Loon into the search box. it's a CH fav in melrose.
      really terrific and many unusual dishes. we live in winchester and it has become our go-to place for chinese.

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        I will second for Fuloon. You could probably get a week of food here for the price of a personal chef. They deliver too. I highly recomend going in and actually talking to them- I'll be surprised if you explain the circumstances that they don't make some special effort.

    2. Hi! I found a chef that services the area. Her name is Alexandra Riccuiti and her business is Green Delicious Personal Chef Service, and she is based in Beverly. Her website is, and her phone number is 978-406-3773. I have not met her personally but know people who have, and she seems like she would be a nice fit! Good luck!

      1. Dinner Concepts was bought by another company-Entrees Made Easy. I haven't been there, but here's the website

        I think you can't go wrong with a G.C. to J Pace & Sons in Saugus, which has lots of prepared foods for them to choose from. Farmland in Wakefield and Dairy Dome in Stoneham also have good takeout options. Neither deliver.

        I love FuLoon but if she's breastfeeding, garlic, onions and broccoli can often be a problem and those do show up in a lot of Chinese dishes.

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          Thanks, Chris VR. Hubby heard from another coworker today that Dinner Concepts had been bought, but coworker couldn't remember the new name. I must admit that we had the same concerns about Chinese food to feed a nursing mom and her three younguns. Judging from the recent reviews from the Hound event at Fuloon, however, we'd be happy to get a dinner there anytime! Just in case, ya know, anyone's wondering. :)

        2. I haven't had their dinners to go, but they do seem to care, and my son scored their cinnamon buns a 9:

          It's a new name in a new location on Franklin Street in Melrose.

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            Hmm, interesting. Maybe they're hitting their stride. A friend brought some cookies to a gathering soon after their move (they were previously Sweet Tooth on Main Street) and we all agreed the quality had gone way downhill. I thought their stuff was pretty good previously so I was disappointed to hear that.

            1. re: Chris VR

              I got a lemon curd cupcake for my younger son's 3rd birthday, and it looked good - hardly a work of art, but nice moisture to the sponge and perfectly good lemon curd and icing. Not having had their savory foods, it's hard to say, but the menu looked less boring than some. Is that high praise? My guess is that it would compare favorably to the former Isabel's.

          2. When I was sick a few months ago DH took himself to La Vita Mia in the strip mall where Pace is on the Melrose/Saugus line on the Fellsway. They have chicken soup on the menu ( actually I think it was escarole soup) and all he had to do was pick it up and bring it home. It was a life saver I tell you. I think they could accommodate what ever you want. But their menu is extensive so you'd be able to plan wonderful meals for your friends.


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              Thanks, hounds! Pace was a great suggestion since there is also a location near hubby's workplace. Easy to do and its done!