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Aug 25, 2008 11:13 AM

Durham News says, "Masses Slow to Warm to Taquerias"

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  1. Decent article. The masses are missing out. I will say that Chubby's is a user-friendly authentic experience for the Spanish-challenged. And their salsa selections are fabulous. Cosmic is also a reliable source of good, cheap food. But you don't have to be all that adventurous to try Los Comales, my favorite, and you will be rewarded with excellent food that is insanely cheap.

    1. Agree completely with PeterB. Sadly, one of the things that I've discovered in talking to a lot of my gringo buddies is that the problem isn't fear of the menu--it's general xenophobia. People that I've talked to have said they don't want to go into places like Los Comales or Superior because they think those places are"dirty". What a crock. Oh well-- shorter lines for me when I want a taco de lengua or consome de borrega.