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Aug 25, 2008 11:01 AM

Hey Hounds, I'm looking for info on Mont Tremblant and hoping Ontarion's that travel there will have some feedback. 3 Night's this upcoming weekend.


Hi Hounds,
Four people 40 years of age (staying in the village) looking for some really decent restaurants with great tasting food, decent portions and fair prices. Also looking for at least one fine dining offering.

We have transportation if there is somewhere special outside the village to drive too.
(I heard of a town called St. Jovite)??

If you have any tips on great pastry and coffee places in and around the village please pass them along as well.

Thanks so much in advance.


  1. Porto has started a thread over on the Quebec board, where Mont Tremblant discussion more properly fits, so we'll ask that you reply there if you have suggestions: