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Aug 25, 2008 10:56 AM

Help with seafood in/near Long Beach LI

My brother is visiting from the midwest next week, and I'm planning to take him to the beach in Long Beach. He is a beach-loving foodie, so I thought it would be nice to end the day with a visit to a beachy seafood restaurant. The ideal would be a seafood-shack-type place near the water, but I am pretty sure there is no such thing. (Though I hope I'm wrong.) I read the conversation about Artie's below, but the badly fried food is really a turnoff. (I want some fried stuff!)
Any suggestions?

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  1. And on a related note, I'm looking for a good, beachy seafood joint near Jones Beach.

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    1. re: Rita Houston

      A favorite for anyone is Jordan Lobster on Austin Blvd. Personally, I love the Pt. Lookout Clam Bar (right next to Fisherman Catch) in Point Lookout or what is new and great is the Buoy Bar -- now serves all types of fish. Point Lookout is great because it is right near the Meadowbrook which is where you need to go for Jones beach.

    2. Searched for similar a while ago and found a lot of mixed reviews and bad ones about a lot of places. Could not find any seafood shack type place that actually had good food.
      You could do Bigelow's in nearby rockville Center but the place is not one you'll want to hang out in - but worth a visit just to get the fried belly clams - very good.

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      1. re: laylag

        Thanks. I was browsing through restaurant reviews at the Newsday web site and saw mention of Bigelows. It looks like it would be perfect--if it only had some tables!

        It's odd that there are so few places like this around here. I am always surprised that there's no good seafood place near the water in Brooklyn (where I live).

        1. re: gnosh

          Bigelows is ok, but everyting is fried there, so i don't go there much.
          Sorry but the Fisherman Catch in Point Lookout is not my cup of tea, not at all and as for the Pt. Lookout Clam Bar, that also is not what it used to be, now it's just so-so and I hate sitting next to a garbage pit or the bathrooms... yucky the Buoy Bar is a good and fun place to go. I'll go along with that!

          1. re: Nancy191

            That's the thing for me--I just don't like fried food. About two or three times a year I try it--all different sorts--and am again reminded that I just don't like it.
            I'd like to find a good clam place--casual preferred--where they aren't fried.

            1. re: Nancy191

              it's a shame that almost all of the places in those areas offer nothing but a view.a good place would make a killing in freeport,pt lookout,long beach...

              1. re: davmar77

                Maybe. Maybe I'm cynical, but people seem to go more for style than substance.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  style is great but what i pay for is a good meal.that's worth much more to me.some of my favorite places get 0 points for looks.

        2. There is such a thing :-) Peter's Clam Bar. They have everything from raw to fried with lobster and hot dogs (for the land peeps). There are 4 parts to Peter's. A "shack" were you can eat outside (curbside), a casual sit down inside (waterview - not ocean), a outside deck out back with waiter service and more dressed dining room. On weekends after the beach you can't find parking as the place is always packed.

          Peter's Clam House
          600 Long Beach Rd
          Island Park, NY 11558
          (516) 432-0505‎

          "They are only open for the spring and summer, which is a bad thing but only has you appreciate it that much more. You cant drive down Long Beach Rd. to the beach in the warm months and not smell the food from two blocks away. When you get there they place is packed that's only because they have the best food. Even the fries tend to be better than most places and it's not even seafood related. I drive buy in the winter counting down till April when they will open again. There tends to be a wait for the food but you will be glad you waited once you get the food."

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