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Aug 25, 2008 10:47 AM

Classic Suckling Pig: Where in/near NYC?

My favorite dish is suckling pig. AOC Bedford used to make a splendid rendition (with BYOB, no less), but that's gone. Other restaurants that offer it on the menu seem to make "creative interpretations" of the dish, which isn't what I have in mind. I want it straightforward, carved and served traditionally.

What restaurants in or near NYC serve a -true- suckling pig and not the bizarre confection offered by, say, Forge or Eleven Madison Park?

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    1. The Beacon makes suckling pig...well at least they used to.
      25 W 56th St

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      1. re: kcijones001

        I think neither Peasant or Beacon offers suckling pig anymore....

        Any other suggestions? Even outer boroughs or 'burbs? I refuse to believe that in this oft-vaunted "greatest food city in America" that there isn't at least one restaurant that serves this classical dish...

      2. I do not know what your idea of "Classic Suckling Pig" is, but my suggestion is for you to head to Chinatown on Saturday or Sunday for the Baby Suckling Pig at Hsin Wong or Noodletown. They serve the larger Roast Pig all week long.

        Hsin Wong
        72 Bayard Street

        From an earlier thread:

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        1. re: fourunder

          My idea of a classic suckling pig definitely does not hail from China. Delicious, but not what I have in mind.

        2. Blaue Gans serves an excellent suckling pig.

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            Ah...of course...the crackling pig version! What a great suggestion. Many thanks.

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              Look at today -- they have a mention and picture of a place serving suckling pig.

            2. re: scrittrice

              I 2nd blau gans. Its a real baby suckling pig. Very small and tender. Alot of people cook a 100lb pig and call it baby suckling pig. This is the real deal. I also think their other restaurant Wallse sp. has it too. Its the best I've had in a restaurant.

            3. Not Manhattan, but: Seabras' Marisqueria in the Ironbound in Newark have it most days on their specials menu. It's a huge serving, skin shatteringly crisp, served with fresh potato chips and salad, and a very strong and meaty pan sauce. Well worth the "voyage". And at the end of the street there's a big Seabras supermarket which sells all the Portuguese/Spanish/latin and South American items your heart could long for.