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Aug 25, 2008 10:43 AM

[Vegas] Looking for Live Lobster @ 99 Ranch


We'll be in Vegas with access to a kitchen and are planning to make New England lobster rolls for some friends. I know there are two 99 Ranches in LV but do they have live Atlantic Lobsters like the LA stores do? We are looking for a Live 3-5 Lb lobster to cook.

Any Suggestions?

Take care

- P.

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  1. A telephone call to their location(s) will most likely get an answer.

    1. It's hit or miss.,, I've been there when they have them lively and plentiful for about 12.99/lb and I could pick as many of any size I wanted; other times I've gone in there and they had barely a handful of them left that are floppy and near lifeless. It doesn't seem to be a day of the week issue, but more of a "when thery're low vs when an order comes in" issue. you could try calling as recommended in the post by Eric, although I've never called and am unsure of the responsiveness via telephone.

      1. Ranch 99 has them and also the other 2 asian markets. Di Ho market about 3 miles west of Ranch 99 on Spring Mountain Rd. Also another place (I forget the name) about 1 mile west of Ranch 99, on the south side of Spring Mountain Rd in a small strip mall. They are all hit or miss on how many they will have on any given day.

        We have bought 4 and 5 pounders at the 'no name' place and Di Ho.

        1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We ended up at 99 ranch, getting two 2.5 lbs lobsters since that was the biggest they had. We'll look in to Di Ho and the other one next time we are up there.


          - P.