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Kefir in SEA

allisonw Aug 25, 2008 10:38 AM

Just read an article on it, want to try it. Where do I buy it in finished ready to eat form, and where do I go to get the culture to make my own? I'm guessing PCC, but the Chowhounders know all. TIA.

  1. p
    PAO Aug 25, 2008 11:59 AM

    I think PCC and Whole Foods have it in ready to eat form. Other well-stocked groceries may as well.

    1. Lets_eat Aug 25, 2008 03:20 PM

      Trader Joe's (at least the U-district branch) has plain & strawberry kefir, ready to guzzle. The strawberry is OMG yummy, and flies off the shelf regularly.

      1. s
        seattledeb Aug 25, 2008 03:40 PM

        Yum indeed! I've bought it at PCC and Metropolitan Market in West Seattle, so I assume that other PCC and MM locations would carry it as well. I agree that strawberry is the tastiest flavor, but they're all terrific. Let us know how you like it.

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        1. re: seattledeb
          allisonw Aug 26, 2008 08:10 PM

          I got some plain at PCC--love it. It's so expensive though and I want to make my own.

        2. t
          tstrum Aug 25, 2008 05:36 PM

          Best Kefir: "Nancy's Kefir" available at Amazon Fresh and QFC. There is none better, or better for you.

          1. h
            howard 1st Aug 26, 2008 09:52 AM

            the creamery in pike place market, being a dairy specialty store, carries a larger variety of kefir than available elsewhere - as for culture, use an unflavored kefir featuring live cultures and proceed as for yogurt

            1. c
              chipqmunk Aug 26, 2008 10:02 PM

              No way, raspberry is the best flavor! Just about every major grocery with a health food section will have some brand of ready to drink kefir. I always see it at Fred Meyer. Whole Foods has single serving containers, which is great for taking to work or school.

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