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Aug 25, 2008 10:31 AM

San Francisco Dim Sum

I will be in San Fran on vacation for a week in early Sept. I am looking for any suggestions on dim sum (not too expensive). Preferrably easily accessible by public transportation or a cheap cab ride away from the Richmond area.

Places I am currently looking at are Yank Sing, Ton Kiang and Koi Palace (but that seems to be too far away).

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  1. This is kind of reverse of the normal request since people often ask for good dim sum in Chinatown and we send them to other parts of the city. The Chinese food in the Richmond and Sunset districts is better than Chinatown, and good places for dim sum would include South Sea Seafood Village, 1420 Irving and House of Banquet, 939 Clement St. Other Hounds can add to these recommendations.

    1. Ton Kiang is the only one on your list that's in (or even near) the Richmond; it's not particularly cheap, nor is Yank Sing (the most expensive dim sum in the Bay Area). Here's a recent thread with some other options:

      One place that's not mentioned in that thread is Golden River, which is a couple of doors down from Ton Kiang (and forever known as "The Place Next to Ton Kiang").

      Golden River
      5827 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121

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        Thanks for that chowhound link. I found it extremely helpful. I am thinking about trying Yet Wah or Kirin now - do you know if either have dim sum carts or do you have to order off their menu?

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          That thread wasn't specifically about dim sum -- I don't know if Kirin even has dim sum. I'd go with Yet Wah -- among other things they make my favorite pot stickers of all time. I'm pretty sure it's menu-only during the week; not sure about weekends.

      2. If you need one perfect meal, check out those highly reviewed places on your list. If you have a few meals, you'd do worse than catching a bus to about 5th and Clement and following your nose. Check out the bus schedules at

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          bonus question - if one were to be in the general area of 5th and clement, but just wanted a take-away snack of dim sum, without the sit down experience, where would one go?

          my old standbye would be wing-lee, but its been a long time since i was a regular and im only back in town this upcoming weekend. we dont want to eat a bell-busting meal but would like to pick up an exemplary pork bun or other tasty bite.

          good luck seems to garner more fans over on yelp. whose got the better options? is there a singular item that either of those places (or any of the nearby ones) do better than others?