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Aug 25, 2008 10:25 AM

Thai Festival at Union Station

I learned Sunday from a Thai friend (too late to go) that there was a major Thai festival over the weekend at Union Station. This must have been the best kept secret on Chowhound. Apparently there were many notices on one calendar of events or another, on Twitter and Flickr, and who knows where else. I don't read those other sources -- because I rely on Chowhound for info like that. My mistake? So it would appear.

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  1. dang it, i always hear about this stuff when it is over, too!

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      1. And you can get Kaffir lime trees there, but they go QUICK!

        1. re: Dennis S

          I was a bit confused looking at the schedule. It seems like the vendors don't open until 9, but I've heard you have to get there real early to get the trees. So how exactly does this work? I don't want to disrespect a religious ceremony by greedily looking for kaffir lime trees.

          1. re: bmorecupcake

            When we got our tree, the stated schedule said it opened at 10. We got there at 10 and still had to park a mile away. I let my wife out by the front gate while I parked, and she barely got the last one.

            Most of the festival (including the trees) are outside of the temple, and most of the religious events happen inside the temple.

        2. "Washington Post:"

          Just an FYI - the Washington post link from above is from 2008 NOT 2009. Use the below linkee for the 2009 info - and don't forget to clip out the coupon!


          1. re: chew

            thanks. now i can head over to duangrat for its famous duck drunken noodles.