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Aug 25, 2008 10:14 AM

Grad student supper around U of T-- hypothetical question

OK, let's say that someone unexpectedly designated you to organize a relatively inexpensive supper for a bunch of humanities grad students somewhere within walking distance of the downtown U of T Campus. You'd have, say, twenty people and would want some place where everyone could discuss the coming year. You'd want some place cheap and unpretentious-- possibly where pitchers could be purchased-- though not overly ghetto. You'd probably want some kind of reasonable option for the vegetarians who seem to be overrepresented in graduate programs. Where might you go?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'd go to the Duke of York -

      Duke Of York
      39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B2, CA

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        Yeah I was thinking Duke also, it has better ambiance and more "group" space, but food is not wonderful IMHO. Also is it the Bedford Ballroom across from the Duke? Don't go there, it's small and creepy and dark and kitchy. I get it confused with the Bedford Academy, which sounds like what you want and is my reccomendation. It's next to or near the McDonald's/Pizza Hut on Bloor

        1. re: abscissa

          The Bedford Ballroom used to be on Bloor but is no more. It was torn down, along with that Pizza Hut, to make way for a condo building on Bloor.

          I agree that Bedford Academy on Prince Arthur is dark and not as suitable for large groups. You can book a space upstairs at the Duke and there's lots of room for a group.

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            Then I withdraw my suggestion and second the Duke :)

      2. Supermarket might work if you're coming from the more southerly bit of campus... or someplace on Baldwin.

        Otherwise, second Bedford or Duke.

        1. Harbord House (formerly Rowers) on Harbord between Major and Brunswick. Great selection of microbrews, good food, reasonably priced -- with at least a few vegetarian options on the menu. No loud music like the Duke or the Bedford (showing my age here...), which might be helpful for group discussion.

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            I'm on the decrepit side myself when it comes to age and absolutely avoid loud restos and pubs. I can tell you there's no loud music at the Duke, at least not upstairs or on the patio.