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Aug 25, 2008 10:09 AM

Bosna Burek & Cevap...any thoughts?

Wondering if anyone out there has tried this place, and if they have any recommendations.

The are located at the West end of The Junction.

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  1. I don't get down to that area very often, but, noticed it and tried it. Have been there a very few times over the years. Very small area inside, take out of both items best and products are kind of home made in the back of the shop. If in the area, I always drop by as food just what you expect.

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      Well finally managed to get to Bosna Burek and Čevap. Very nice. I highly recommend it. Much better than most of the čevapi that I have had. And fresh. I believe that they make their čevap with lamb & beef (I usually make mine with pork and beef, but Bosna's was very good).

      I took my mom, because she didn't believe me that the owners were making everything by hand. And sure enough, when we walked in, we saw here in the back stretching out the dough. I love this simple food. I know most cultures have their own version, but this brought back lots of good memories.

      My mother liked everything, the burek (we had the cheese) the čevap, the baklava (which is differently than hers, but she enjoyed it anyway), and she really enjoyed the turkish coffee. I was impressed at how it was served, on a stainless steel tray with a really nice looking gesva.

      The only thing that my mom had a criticism on (if you could call it a criticism) was the kajmak I asked for on my čevap. She suspects that it was a mix of cream cheese, butter and feta, and not a true kajmak, but as far as I am concerned, it was great.

      1. re: Lazar

        do you have a more specific location? definitely interested in trying and need to stock up the freezer with some cevapi.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Their address is 3333 Dunda St. W. It is on the South Side of Dundas, East of Runnymeade. They are closed on Sunday and Monday. The rest of the week they close at 7pm.

          One minor annoyance, they store their frozen čevapi in those crappy takeout styrofoam containers, so you will have to transfer them to another more freezer friendly storage device...but it really is no big deal.

          And in case you are looking for that particular style of flatbread they serve with their čevapi, Solero bakery sells them. They are at 3029 Dundas, about 4 blocks or so East of Bosna

          1. re: Lazar

            interesting... this is the neighbourhood that one of my faves is in. your description didn't sound similar though.... mine is on the south side of the street and though it has one table inside is pretty much only take-out. there is one counter and a fridge perpendicular to it. there is a back area and a few steps up to it, but peeking at it it feels like their personal home.

            1. re: Lazar

              BTW, the lepine (flatbread) Bosna uses is homemade (as well as the burek, cevapi, desserts, yogurt, etc. of course).

              1. re: purplekitty369

                It can be really easy to miss, the decor/signage don't really stand out.
                I've noticed it driving by, but it doesn't scream "We're Open"

                Thanks for the review, as I'm a fan of Cevaps and I might check it out.

                1. re: purplekitty369

                  Are you sure they make their own lepine? I could have sworn they told me that the got it delivered.

                  1. re: Lazar

                    Yup :). Virtually everything they make is from scratch. Minus drinks and the obvious.

                2. re: Lazar

                  turns out this is the place that i go to, i just didn't recognize the name. my favourite cevapi in the city. i put up with the styrofoam containers because i find i eat it quickly enough that it doesn't matter. the lepina i do need to be more careful about.

                  as for your comment below, i've never known them to have made their own bread either.

          2. Tried to visit Bosna today (Dec 27, 2011) for the first time, on a visit to Toronto from another city with very little Bosnian food available. It looked great, but unfortunately, they were closed. Was hoping that's just because of boxing day, but... There's also a large "for sale" sign in the window. Anyone know the story? :(

            We had to console ourselves with cheese pite and zeljanica from Solera (both rolled and flat styles), but had really been looking forward to trying Bosna's cevapi.

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            1. re: shmooerific

              That's too bad.
              For cevaps nearby there is also Royal Meats (Kipling & Queensway area) and another place, Mrakovic Meat &Deli, (I believe) it's around the Renforth & Eringate

              1. re: 5andman

                Bosna Burek and Cevap are still around. They have changed their hours though (11-5) and are now offering catering.

                Still didn't see any "for sale" sign, so I think that they are ok.

              2. re: shmooerific

                Are you about the "for sale" sign? I drove by there last night (they were already closed) and I did not see any such sign.

                1. re: shmooerific

                  well, looks like they are closed. I passed by last night. The sign is down and the tables and window dressings are all stacked upright inside the place. It was a good run...

                  1. re: shmooerific

                    Are there any other baked goods besides the with cheese pite and zeljanica that Chowhounds would recommend at Solero Mediterranean Bakery on Dundas West?