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Birthday Dinner Recs for Some Ladies?

cblf Aug 25, 2008 10:01 AM

A group of friends has graciously offered to take me to dinner for my birthday this Wednesday night. It will just be a group of 4-5 women (all late 20s) looking for yummy food, cocktails, and the liveliest atmosphere we can hope for on a Wednesday night in Boston. Places I have been eyeing include:

Ten Tables
Neptune Oyster

Opinions on these or other suggestions? We will have at least one vegetarian in our ranks, and I'm generally not crazy about French food. Thanks!

  1. Joanie Aug 25, 2008 10:07 AM

    I haven't been, but I think Scampo would work best. You can make a res wich you can't at Neptune, should be busy, not too expensive (if that's a concern). Tang. got some bad reviews lately. Pops could be fun. Oleana would be on the high side, definitely Rialdo would be and kind of quiet in the dining room.

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    1. re: Joanie
      LisaRich16 Aug 25, 2008 12:39 PM

      Another great place for this type of night is Pho Republique in the South End. It is Southeast Asian food and is SO fantastic, one of my favorite restaurants in Boston and great for a girls type of night b/c you can order a whole bunch of things and share and the atmosphere there is awesome. There are definitely vegetarian friendly options too. I haven't been to any of the others you listed but Ten Tables, Neptune Oyster and Oleana are all on my list. Good luck!

      1. re: Joanie
        pollystyrene Aug 25, 2008 08:46 PM

        I agree that Scampo sounds just right for this occasion. Some of the others are too intimate or quiet. Scampo seems most happening.

      2. p
        Parsnipity Aug 25, 2008 02:15 PM

        Ten Tables is more of a quiet, romantic restaurant. The 8 tables (and several seats at the bar) are so close together that I would definitely feel awkward with a celebratory, noisy group. I've also found they tend to run behind as far as reservation time and there's nowhere to wait other than in the street, which also would not be ideal for your group.

        1. g
          ghostcat Aug 25, 2008 10:01 PM

          Happy Birthday--You might also consider both BanQ and the Union Bar & Grille, both next to each other on Washington St. in the So. End. Both lively, excellent food and different atmospheres and there is valet parking. I used to go to the 33, but haven't been in a while. That also had a very lively scene and very popular with the younger set.

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          1. re: ghostcat
            cblf Aug 26, 2008 01:22 PM

            Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and advice! It looks like I might need to join/start some regular chow outings of my own. I have a lot of places to hit up.

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