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Jul 25, 2003 04:41 PM

If I were to ride the Gold Line this weekend...

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...where should I eat that is close walking distance from any of the stops (other than Chinatown)?


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  1. Union station stop. Phillippe the Original for French Dips.

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    1. re: Me

      There is also TRAXX, inside Union Station. And if you take the subway to Pershing Square, you can cross the street to The Biltmore -- for breakfast, or afternoon tea -- or splurge and go right next door to THE WATER GRILL. The bar in the Biltmore is also a great place to have a cocktail.

      1. re: Tom P

        make sure you go to gallery bar, not grand avenue sports bar in the basement. very different vibe there.

        1. re: Me

          Exactly, thanks - I forgot about the sports bar.

        2. re: Tom P

          The Biltmore tea is not that good -- Try for the Tea Rose Garden walkable from the Pasadena stop.

      2. Actually, I've already ridden the Gold Line, part of a preview trip. My favorite station is Mission in South Pasadena. Within a short distance, there are a couple of nice-looking places, with outdoor tables. Can't vouch for food, though. The DelMar station is a few blocks from Colorado with all the places there -- good, bad, and indifferent. The Lake St. stop is within a few blocks of some good, if not great, places, including Wolf's Hamburgers, Smitty's, Radhikas, the Green St. Cafe, etc. In any case, I'd get off at every station and scout them out. If you find some new finds, please report.

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        1. re: Jon W

          You mentioned the Lake Street stop, and a *huge* lightbulb went on over my head: Duh, Puebla Tacos.

          I haven't been there in a while, but I had one of the best carnitas burritos of my life at Puebla. I got the name off this board, and whoever rec'd it, please make your presence known!

          Puebla Tacos
          700 N. Lake Ave. (NE corner at Orange Grove Blvd.)
          Pasadena, CA 91104

          Yahoo Map:


          1. re: Jon W

            Closest to Mission in South Pasadena is Buster's coffeehouse, which is a great little place. Not far is Kaldi, another great coffeehouse, with outdoor seating facing a park-like setting.

            Firefly Bistro is also nearby, haven't been, but there have been good reviews on here and elsewhere. Additionally, there is a French market/deli (name escapes me) near as well that serves great lunches.

            1. re: Spike

              That french market is probably Nicoles. Gourmet shop full of good stuff.

          2. At the Highland Park Station: Chico's, which features a mural of a bilingual-talking-chili-pepper on its facade. The interior's a trip too, and the food's great.

            Del Mar station: Saladang Song

            Memorial Park station: Tibet-Nepal House, Shaab, La Fornaretta.

            End of the line: Pasadena Sandwich Company

            several of these are mentioned in slightly greater detail in this thread:


            1. Delicious homemade Mexican at La Abeja at the Heritage Square Station. Only serves breakfast and lunch and gets crowded later in the morning. Our favorite waiter wears a free Martha apron. Gotta love 'em.

              1. Try La Fuente on Monte Vista & Ave. 57 - about a 2-block walk from the Highland Park station......
                Everything is good on the menu......some of the best Asada around - don't know what they marinade or season with but it tastes like nowhere else........try the El Rey burrito or the seafood caldo.........
                Not as heavy on grease as La Abeja.....
                Same courteous waiters the 15 years I've been going and great prompt service.......