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Aug 25, 2008 09:56 AM

Atlanta Airport

I will have a 3 hour layover and was wondering where to eat either inside the airport or would i have time to leave for agood meal somewhere Both lunch and dinner as i have 3 layovers

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  1. Paschal's is an Atlanta institution in business since 1947. The original restraurant was the site of many strategy meetings held by Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders during the 1960s. There are now 2 Paschal's locations in the airport - one in the Atrium and one in one of the terminals. Fried chicken just like my grandmother used to make. Artery cloggin??? Oh yes. But definitely authentic soul food.

    Regarding leaving the airport, it would depend on what time of the day your layover to determine whether the traffic would cooperate. I'm not aware of what restaurants are in the immediate area of the airport that would merit leaving the airport.

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      I would prefer a sitdown and from what i can tell the one in the Atruim is a sitdown but i worry about getting back security in time is that an issue?

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        The morning "commute" hours are the worst at the main security checkpoint. Lunch and early evening shouldn't be too bad. Paschal's has a unit on Concourse A as well. Neither is "sitdown;" you get your tray and find a table in the food court.

        You could take the MARTA train to the first stop out from the Airport, College Park. The Feed Store has been getting rave reviews for its excellent take on local, seasonable foods. Worth the trip.

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          The one in the terminal, not sure which B, or C is a sitdown.

      2. Wall Street Deli in Terminal A has the best sammitches in the airport. Another tip: Watch where the Delta pilots and other employees are eating.

        1. Contrary to what another poster says, one of the airport locations of Paschal's is sit-down. I don't remember where exactly it is located, but I've eaten in both many times. I have little experience with Atlanta save for their airport, and the menu at Paschal's has always made me wonder what going to the original location would be like. Unfortunately, and I'm certain it's because of being at the airport, the menu over-promises and the restaurant under-delivers. At the end of the day, it's still airport food. But having said all that, I still go there, because so far as airport food is concerned, it's still a break from the norm.

          I don't remember what terminal it was in, but last year I ate at a Baltimore-styled fish house, specializing in crab cakes. I remember thinking that the food there was pretty good, but again, still airport food.

          1. There are Paschal's in Terminals A, C and the Atrium. I think the one on Terminal A is sitdown, but I may be wrong.

            I think Baseball Nut is referring to Phillips Seafood. Its located in terminal D.

            1. Sitdown at Paschals on terminal C. Wall Street Deli has good sandwiches but is almost always filthy. The Bookstore Deli on B or E are clean and serve a nice selection of salads/sandwiches.
              You will not have time to exit security, eat, and get back to your flight in three hours... at least not eat somewhere that you cant get to inside security anyway.

              There is a Moes burrito place on C thats pretty good to..

              Keep in mind that by definition, it will all be airport food.