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What's good at King of Thai Noodles?

A new branch of King of Thai Noodles is opening up around the corner from me in Alameda (Grand Opening sign was up this morning -- may be open by now). Any recommendations on what the good dishes are at the other branches? Things to avoid? According to the sign they're going to be open until 1 a.m., so put that on your list as well for places that are open late.

King of Thai Noodle
1635 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

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  1. Haven't been to the new place but was sorry that Arajuao's went out. Will look forward to answers from others. Now if we could get a place for bahn mi sandwiches!

    1. I usually order Pad See Ew with chicken and the red curry vegetable dish. Yum!

      1. #17 with chicken--the minced green beans & basil one, oh baby!

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          Have to agree with #17 and the papaya salad! Total yummers. Also okay was fried chicken with fried rice. Those three are the only things we there.

          I have also tried the soup noodles (okay), wonton soup (very meaty wontons), and yellow curry with chicken (which was way too sweet for curry). I'm not a big fan of their soup base so I stopped ordering their soup noodles after the two times I got it.

        2. I once went to the one on 5th St in SF and ordered Papaya Salad. It was probably one of the best versions I'd had in a while, plenty spicy from the Thai chilies and nicely balanced dressing. I did ask them to make it Thai spicy though.

          1. Chicken Larb. Som Tum. Rad Nar (with vegetables and tofu). Sticky Mango Rice and Coconut Ice Cream for dessert.

            1. The 5th street branch had a consistently good chicken pad kee mao, appropriately prepared with minced chicken. Beef noodle soup is good if you like the lighter boat noodle style (I prefer thick). The papaya salad is good Thai style (emphasis on the sweet and sour). They may make it pretty spicy if you insist, but I am always hesitant to order Thai spicy even though medium at most places is not enough to me.

              1. Went last night to the new Alameda branch last night. I had the pumpkin seafood curry. Good, but a bit too sweet, I thought. The pumpkin curry tasted a little too much like the Thai ice tea I had! My wife had the shrimp fried rice, which was also good. The shrimp in both dishes were fresh and tasty. My mom ordered some kind of pork dish with Chinese sausage. Didn't look at all appetizing to me. I didn't even try it. My wife did and said it tasted like it looked. I know better than to order a Chinese dish at a Thai restaurant, but I guess Mom doesn't.

                1. I've had the Pad Kee Mao at the 5th street location, and it was well prepared and very spicy.

                  1. I went for lunch today and had the #38, roast duck in red curry. I enjoyed it very much although I am not that experienced with Thai food. The duck was tender and soft but with a nice roasted flavor, the rice was firm and the slices of the bell peppers were cooked but still crunchy. The pineapple was a nice contrast to the slightly spicy (but very rich) curry. My only quibble is I think hot cherry tomatoes are dangerous and sliced would have been better, but maybe I am just a overly cautious eater. I like it better than the same dish at Arawan (up near the post office.) Service was a little scattered, and you have to remember to bring cash, but it is a nice addition to the street.

                    1. I agree with the below assessments on the noodle dishes #15 and #17, as well as the papaya salad. Delicious!!!

                      1. I tried the Alameda branch a week or two ago - it was surprisingly busy (we had to wait for a table on a Thursday night).

                        Everything was really salty - we tried the pad see ew, the red duck curry, and shredded pork with green beans. Aside from the excess salt, I thought everything was underseasoned - not much of the bright, herbal flavors I was hoping for. It might have been an off night - the staff looked pretty harried.

                        1. Lately I have been enjoying both the pad kee mao & pad see ew in vegetarian format. There is a nice balance of veg & tofu with this option. My hubby recently tried a veggie experiment for a month and now prefers these stir fry noodle dishes this way.

                          The other day we were at the #2 location on clement st. And the spouse had the Tom Yum but added the thin egg noodles. Although this is not traditional to have this soup with noodles. It is quite yummy this way. Good tangy balanced soup and the noodles just make the dish more sumptuous. Also, for a late nite snack I get the veggie guay tiew jae... the cheapest noodle dish, but satisfying with the garlic bits on top.

                          For an interesting and tasty first course try the fish cakes - Tod Mun. Love the dipping sauce!


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                            I had the Tod Mun at the Alameda King of Thai tonight and it was excellent -- maybe the best version I've ever had. Thai fish cakes are always dense and firm, but these weren't too rubbery. They were well-spiced, and the accompanying vinegar-based sauce with chunks of pickled cucumber, carrot shreds and chopped peanuts added another layer of hot/tangy/sweet/herbal/vegetal/nutty flavors. I also got the pork larb, and it was good as well. I forgot to specify a heat level, but the default turned out to be just right.