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Aug 25, 2008 09:50 AM

Sunday lunch in Columbus?

I'm visiting Columbus this weekend and looking for a good place to meet up with my parents (coming down from Cleveland) for brunch/lunch on Sunday. I've looked at all the previous recommendations. ZenCha, NorthStar and Banana Bean Cafe all look interesting, I know Lindey's would be good, but maybe a bit too upscale.

I'm desperate to try Jeni's ice cream, so I was wondering if Sunday lunch in the North Market is a good idea. Are there some good options there?


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  1. If you want a sit down place for brunch and try Jeni's afterwards, then Spagio ( in Grandview is another option. There is a Jeni's right by it.

    1. Sunday may be somewhat packed, but North Market is a good choice nonetheless.

      Lindey's is not too upscale; then again, I may be a little biased since it's one of my fave restaurants :D

      1. Lindey's certainly isn't "upscale," it is just good.

        Banana Bean is vastly too pretentious for the quality and friendliness of the staff.....I find them actually quite obnoxious.

        ZenCha is better than Northstar for Brunch.

        The North Market is decent enough, but they aren't 'sit down.' If you're aiming to get your Jeni's fix, there are 3 locations (including High Street, right down from Zencha and Northstar, and Grandview just down from Spagio as kura kura noted).

        To be honest, I thought Spagio was excellent and they have a very cool brunch menu.

        All that said, if I was going specifically for a SUNDAY brunch, I'd go to Worthington Inn as they are far and away better than the others and the setting is wonderful. (No Jeni's nearby though)

        Another thought is L'antibes for their Sunday brunch.

        Hope that helps.

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          Thanks for all the tips! I was thinking of sticking to the Grandview area so maybe I'll check out Spagio. I ate there once 9 years ago, back in college, but can't remember what it was like. (I can't believe that was that long ago!) Cap City Diner is another option. Although, Spagio seems like a better idea considering it is my parents' anniversary.

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            Parent's anniversary - make it special and do Worthington Inn or L'antibes. :-)

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              Worthington Inn is out because Mom especially is not keen on buffets.

              What's special about L'antibes? They do a two-course brunch?

              1. re: buckeye.mary


                If you end up going to L'antibes, let me know how it is, since it's one of the places I've been meaning to check out.

        2. Although there are several restaurants that I could recommend if you're thinking of the German Village area and want to ensure a wonderful dining experience for Sunday Brunch, my recommendation would be for the Banana Bean Cafe - small, laid back cafe offering an exceptional chef driven brunch menu without the pretense. Never have I had a bad experience, and I frequent them often. The staff, from servers back to the kitchen, all are knowledgeable, friendly and attentive, and they usually have awsome brunch specials in addition to their regular menu. Definitely call for reservations if this is a consideration because they have become very popular for their weekend brunch.

          1. If you want to combine Jenis with a nice place for Sunday lunch, try the Bexley Monk on E. Main St. There is a new Jeni's within walking distance on corner of Parkview & Main.(next to Rusty Bucket, don;t go there!) I don't believe they do a "brunch" they do lunch. Have been there many times for lunch & dinner, very good. Try the Maker's Mark ice cream, bourbon flavored with pecans, at Jeni's it to die for!

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              Second the Maker's Mark.......and throw in the Sugardaddies and anything made with goat cheese. :-)