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Aug 25, 2008 09:36 AM

Recent Reviews - Globe, L'Unita, Alices, Delux?

sept is nearly upon us and for me that means choosing a nice place for a birthday dinner out. i have read reviews of all the places i am considering, i just want to know if anyone has any recent reviews of my potential choices:

*Globe Bistro

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  1. I was at Delux this weekend. Overall we really enjoyed the meal and would go back.

    The house bread which is served after ordering is worth the trip alone - a dense white bread served with butter but absolutely perfect.

    For appetizers our table had a crab salad that was served with avocado and a citrus vinaigrette - lovely flavours and lots of crab; an heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese - simply done but satisfying; and the goat cheese and long bean salad (small portion of cheese, tiny portion of beans, and a massive amount of frise) which was not great. For mains, three of us had the steak frites - which was very simple but good - interesting cut and large portion of it (bavette or onglet), and fantastic dark frites served with mayo, along with watercress(?) salad on the side. The other had the duck breast with a beet soubise and fennel salad which was pronounced properly cooked (ie quite rare) and delicious although a bit short on the fennel. We had to ask for salt and pepper as the seasoning on some of the dishes was a bit lacking. For those with an aversion to salt this is likely a good thing.

    For desserts, we had a chocolate cake and a plum cake, both of which are house made and the plum cake was fantastic - served warm with nuts in the pastry as well.

    Service was a bit brusque but we got everything we needed. We had a major issue with wine service - their reds are all kept at room temperature so were way too warm and really unpleasant tasting. White is really the safe option here. If you get red wine, ask them to cool it down for you before serving. As an aside, the wine list wasn't bad but there is not much that has any age on it so you are drinking mostly new vintages.

    The place as a whole is very warm and there doesn't appear to be any a/c - don't wear any extra clothing.

    Price for dinner for 4 with 2 bottles of moderately priced wine, 4 apps, 4 mains, 2 desserts and 2 coffees was $250 all in (including tip) so not a bad value overall.

    The Ossington bar is now open 2 doors down and would be a good place for pre or post-dinner drinks.

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      does delux have a website? i have searched but have not found one. sounds interesting

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        I don't think that there is a website, which is a bit of a hassle for those that like to check the menus first. From my memory though, the menu seemed to have something for everyone.