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Aug 25, 2008 09:24 AM


Any current suggestions, please. Here for two nights, and remember one good Italian place (but not the name) near the Casino.
That place, or other recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi flyscot!
    I'm pretty new to Windsor, but seeing how empty it is, I'll give it a go ;)
    Ethic food is pretty good, I've sampled a few of the chinese places, Wah Court of Wyandotte is pretty good, Sun Hong along that same road is good too (more like Chinese fast food...) Had Thanasis on Tecumseh, not bad, the food is pretty good especially the homemade sausage, definately had better tho...worth the visit if you are really craving greek and can't find another place. A few pretty good Vietnamese places, I'm happy with Pho Xic Lo, but haven't really sampled broadly enough to say for sure. I would check

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      have you tried Rose Garden at the corner of university and bruce for chinese food yet? they open late from 4pm to 4am!!

    2. Here's the most recent thread on Windsor spots -

      1. Little Italy has too many restaurants to guess which one you went to. Most are great...try Mancuso's for wood-fired pizza (even have a dessert pizza!). If downtown try Chanoso's or Plunkett's. If venturing out try India Palace or El Mayor.

        1. I haven't been in Windsor for a few years, but Spago's in Little Italy used to be a favorite spot of mine. Like Vixvox mentioned, that whole area is great. If you want to search for the place that you remember maybe this link will jog your memory:

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            Windsor is not known for its high quality restaurants. My BF and I (both Torontonians who now live in Windsor) tend to head for the hole-in-the-wall ethnic joints over any of the overpriced and mediocre upscale restaurants. That said, Nico on Erie Street is okay. I like the spirited servers there. My hole-in-the-wall suggestions are: Bac Lieu (Vietnamese), Marathon (Ethiopian), Jade (for cart service Dim Sum on weekends, but nothing else) and El Mayor (Lebanese). I'm sorry to knock anyone else's suggestions, but Chanoso's is popular but overpriced and the service stinks. Plunkett's is terrible. Pho Xic Lo isn't bad, but it attracts a lot of less adventurous types because the servers are English speakers and the menu is approachable. This is a good thing, but the food pales in comparison to Bac Lieu, where you are pretty much on your own, unless you have a great ear for accents or have serviceable Vietnamese language skills. This matters little to me, since I trust them to produce great food ... and they never disappoint. If you can penetrate the accent, they're the most lovely family as well. If you're a fan of Greek food in Toronto, I'd have to advise skipping Thanasis. I've been many times and it's mediocre at best. There's a new barbecue place that just opened up on Ottawa Street (at Lincoln) that's had great reviews in Detroit's Metrotimes Magazine. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Stay away from sushi in Windsor. It pales in comparison to almost anything in Toronto and is priced for American cross-border tourists. The best in the downtown area is Hikari. It's fine.

            Sorry if this seems like a Windsor bashing. I quite like this city, but good restaurants are few and far between.

            1. re: 1sweetpea

              Some more solid options:

              Pho Nguyen Hoang
              Balkan Bistro (Turkish and Pan-Mediterranean)
              Cramdon's (for wings and fries)
              Armando's (not wood oven but damn good gourmet thin crust pizza)

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                i'm goin to have to disagree to a certain pt

                the italian restaurants in "l'il italy" are pretty good.
                There are no high high end places that serve stuff like foiegras
                but there are very good italian eats there w/ the high mom pop italian resto population there

                1. re: plug

                  I own a rental property in Windsor....been a few times and the must stop places, Italian aside as I did not try..was Shawarma Kingdom on Ouellette downtown....great food very reasonable, Bubi's for burgers...loved it there...went to a very nice Indian place on Wyandotte, if you want the name will find..but upscale forget it...very depressed economy...

                  1. re: ebay3392

                    Gilligans on walker road trumps Bubis burgers.

                    1. re: plug

                      Big Tony's on Walker Road has great wood oven pizza, and the other entrees are all excellent as well. Live jazz on the weekends.
                      Windsor has a huge number of good restaurants, I can't imagine what most of the complainers on this blog are talking about.

            2. re: graydyn

              I used to love Spago's but the last meal I had there was not so good so it's no longer on my list of places.

              1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                An update: Toscana on Dougall near the 401 is pretty good. La Zingara (Erie Street) and Vito's on Wyandotte are also pretty good. May Wah and Wah Court make good Cantonese cuisine, particularly dim sum, as well as the usual gloopy deep-fried combo items (can't comment on those). I agree with another poster that Bubi's is a fun place with some pretty tasty wings. My one and only experience at Gilligan's was pretty weak, so it isn't on my list of places to return to for a second try.

                It's really sad to see a lot of places have gone under in the past year. The RIP list is longer than my suggestions list, so I won't name them. What's more depressing is that a lot of the now defunct places had really interesting menus. The generic places seem to stay afloat no matter what. I guess one can't go wrong serving pastas with cream sauces or deep-fried fare. Try to find a healthy meal and it gets a lot tougher ...

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