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Aug 25, 2008 09:16 AM

Should we eat dinner at one of the casinos? KC

My brother and I are going to one of the casinos this weekend to celebrate his birthday. I would also like to buy him dinner. Should we eat at one of the casinos or should we eat dinner somewhere else? We have not yet chosen which casino to go to. TIA

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  1. Go to the Ameristar and eat at Arthur Bryant's in the food court.

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    1. re: steveb

      I have not been to a casino in years and have only eaten in one, once. And it was Arthur Bryants. Go figure! It was okay, but we are KC natives and it is his birthday, looking for something a little better. Thank you for the suggestion though

    2. I have heard fairly positive reviews of the Journey Steakhouse at Argosy.

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      1. re: Jakevol2

        Really, now that is more what I'm looking for! Thank you

        1. re: ChrisKC

          Should be really good, a partnership with Garrozo's and a St Louis Italian place. Probably need reservations, I really want to try it.

          1. re: ChrisKC

            I second the rec. for Journey. Nothing too unusual, but we have enjoyed their shrimp cocktail, steaks and crab legs. They also offer a baked sweet potato side.

            1. re: kctraci

              I'm thinking that might be a good choice. We often have steak together and that sounds like a good birthday dinner. Has anyone else been there?