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Aug 25, 2008 09:14 AM

Pigeon Peas (Gandules) - Where to find in DC area?

Hi -

Being a good descendant of West Indians, I need to periodically cook Peas & Rice (or Rice & Peas depending on which part of the Caribbean you are from - lol).

I'm a newcomer to the DC area and have not yet found a place to buy pigeon peas. I live in Arlington, but will travel to find a good Caribbean or African market.

Please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I live in Baltimore, but I always get my pigeon peas when making Rice & Peas from Shoppers - Goya brand, canned or dried, in their relatively extensive international foods section. Multiple locations in NoVA (locations list at ) , not sure if any of them are convenient for you.

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      I agree with you. Shoppers is very ethnic friendly. I was able to find many ethnic pantry items there. Met all my needs every time I go there.

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        One more thing I want to add ... Redners in Joppa (on Pulaski Highway) has a half of an aisle devoted to Goya products. Really nice selections there.

      2. You didn't say how you want your gandules, but my Puerto Rican mother-in-law prefers hers frozen. I pick the Goya ones up for her from the Magruders in Alexandria (395 @ Seminary Rd.) or the El Grande in Springfield (On Hechinger Drive, just off Backlick Road at the Beltway ).

        1. Thanks Chowhounds - you're amazing. Peas & Rice will be on the stove tomorrow evening - lol!

          To JLMM, I've always use dried but now that you've given me the tip to find the frozen peas, I'll try those.

          1. just saw them at shopper's food warehouse at seven corners in falls church.