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Aug 25, 2008 09:10 AM

Hummingbird to Mars?!

Anyone able to shed some light on these events and how to possibly get on the invitation lists?


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  1. From Zagat: Those interested can learn more by logging onto or sending an email to

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      The site, as provided by the OP, doesn't give too much info.

      1. I went tonight and it was lovely. The cocktails were terrific but the vibe was pretty relaxed. Recommended!

        Note: Most people tonight were wearing jeans, but it was definitely "smart casual."

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          Where was this event? According to what I've read, it's not in a permanent location. How many people showed up? Age range, etc? Is it more of a "meet and greet" type event, or just a place that's open for invited guests only? I'm really curious.

          1. Horrible...doesn't hold a candle to PX, Tailor, or even Bourbon and Branch in SF. First, the ambience was horrible -- it was stuffed into the upstairs at Bourbon, which is a great bar downstairs, but the upstairs doubles as a dance club on weekends and has a reminiscent feel to the basement rec rooms of my Midwestern youth. Second, the crowd seemed to be there for the gimmicky aspect of going to a speakeasy...and when I say crowd, I mean crowd. The place was packed. Not too mention, they screwed up our reservations and had us stand in the middle of the place, waiting forever. And lastly, the drinks were unbalanced and tepid, derivative of the frou-frouness we've been reading on a lot of blogs lately. Inspired twists on old classics they were not. The Professor Jerry Thomas would not be proud -- his craftmanship would shudder to think at the exclusionary pretension of this charlatan of a drinking establishment.