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Aug 25, 2008 09:07 AM

Party for 35-45 near South Street Seaport

Looking for a place that can serve a group of around 40. Would be a weeknight. Open to various cuisines, so I won't specify any in particular. Mid-Upscale. Bar of course. Help please?

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  1. Sequoia
    Pier 17
    89 South St. (Fulton St.)

    1. Hi Drew,

      You can try Mark Joseph. It is a pretty upscale steakhouse and have plenty of space for large parties as they hold a lot of corporate dinners. Yes to bar.

      Another place you can try is Bobby Van on Broad St. Another steakhouse.

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        1. re: trinyc

          Agree with Kobe's Mark Joseph and Bobby Van suggestions. Stella Maris is changing. New decor, more bar like. I have only eaten there once for brunch and it was not upscale. You could book the room at Pasanella (South Street)and have it catered (not sure if it's big enough for 40). Not sure what your budget is . . .you said upscale. There are not many upscale restaurants near the Seaport. What about someplace near Hanover Square?