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Aug 25, 2008 08:59 AM

Coming from Baltimore to Denver on 9/12? Recs. needed

My boyfriend and I are taking a weekend trip to Denver. We are arriving on Friday the 12 and leaving on Sunday. We are looking for a few local gems to eat at. Here are our needs:

-Friday- fine dining resturant for dinner, prefer French or up scale American to Italian. Any local steak houses would be fine also (no chains as we have all of the major ones in Baltimore)

-Saturday night- fun bar to watch the USC/ Ohio State game. If there is a USC local support bar that would be preferable as my boyfriend is a fan. Looking for some good pub grub on that night.

-Sunday- fun brunch spot. Is there a place that claim the best Bloody Mary in town?!

Also any recs. regarding local Colordao fare we should try would be awesome. (i.e. if you come to Baltimore you must get a crab cake!)


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  1. fine dining resturant for dinner, prefer French or up scale American to Italian: Restaurant Kevin Taylor; Mizuna; Fruitition, The Fort (out in Morrison, but iconic and worth the drive, which isn't long timewise by BAL-WAS standards)

    . Any local steak houses would be fine also: Elways (local football hero John E's place)

    For typical Colorado fare, see thread.

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      Actually, scratch Mizuna (it's northern Italian), and substitute Bistro Vendome. Le Central is classic French.

      1. re: ClaireWalter

        Claire, I think you confused Mizuna with Luca d'Italia. Mizuna is definitely upscale American (and one of my all time favorite restaurants).

        1. re: itri

          Itri - Thanks. It's been since time since I was at Mizuna, and I still think of it as being Franco-Italian-Mediterranean, but in the intervening increasingly locavorish years, it probably has tilted toward American cuisine.

    2. They have some great gator crawdaddy po' boy jumbalaya gumbo i hears!!

      1. I love Pagliacci's for upscale Italian - it's in North Denver. Nine75 is awesome for upscale comfort food - it's on Lincoln around 9th in Denver. In terms of brunch, I don't know who has tasty bloody marys (I don't drink them) but Snooze, Lucille's and Racine's all have fabulous breakfast/brunch. Have fun and enjoy your visit!

        1. You've gotten good suggestions for Friday night. I would be between Fruition and Mizuna of the choices that have been mentioned.

          For Saturday, you may want to try the Wynkoop Brewery if you just want to stick to downtown. In the Cherry Creek area, there is also the the Cherry Cricket (great burgers) and the Irish Hound (good pub food).

          I really like the brunch and the brunch cocktails at both Lola (Mexican) and Lucille's )Cajun).